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  1. Rainbow Swirl

    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    AJ and RD are fighting, something they should have gotten over in SEASON 1, EPISODE 13. IT HAS BEEN 165 EPISODES SINCE THIS LAST HAPPENED.
  2. Rainbow Swirl

    Hello, I'm a new.

    What He said.
  3. Rainbow Swirl

    Hello, I'm a new.

    Hello. Welcome to the forums, DoubleDownWuzHere.
  4. Twilight sparkle: Ravenclaw. Do i need to explain. Rainbow dash: THIS WAS SUPER HARD TO DECIDE. I was on the fence between Slytherin, for being super ambitious and even a bit cunning, or Hufflepuff for being loyal, her element. I had to go with Hufflepuff, because even though she was SUPER ambitious to be a wonderbolt, it's her loyalty that gets her the job. Pinkie pie: Another hard one. I had to go with Ravenclaw because she had knowledge of how get rid of the multiplying bugs with the polka. Fluttershy: While she should be in Hufflepuff, this is like Neville, while her attributes in the first couple of seasons reflect Hufflepuff, she is the most brave of the ponies. Rarity: Ravenclaw, because she's creative and original, two of ravenclaw's attributes. Applejack: Hufflepuff, Because she is hard working and dedicated, 2 of Hufflepuffs attributes.
  5. Rainbow Swirl

    Hello i'm new

    welcome to the forums, Alex. What Hogwarts house are you in. Ravenclaw, home of the witty and clever. Slytherin, where the cunning and ambitious lay. Hufflepuff, where the loyal, Rainbow Dash, and kind, Fluttershy, are. Or Gryffindor, where the courageous and daring dwell.
  6. Rainbow Swirl

    Birthday game

    I got pinkie pie gives me a kiss. August 12, 2018
  7. Rainbow Swirl

    Best Harry Potter Book

    The best is The prisoner there is just much that is good with this, but since I'm lazy I'm not going to say it. The worst is the order of the Phoenix for one reason, and don't get me wrong, I love this book, I just love the other books more, I was disappointed, people saying this book is good, but I was disappointed because I thought it could be better.
  8. Rainbow Swirl

    MLP Association Game

  9. Rainbow Swirl

    MLP Association Game

  10. Rainbow Swirl

    MLP Association Game

  11. Rainbow Swirl

    Season 8 Discussion.

    and now episode 4
  12. Rainbow Swirl

    Season 8 Discussion.

    Ok yeah, good point @Cinder Vel.
  13. I noticed a complete lacking of this topic. ! rule: No fan-made episodes like double rainboom. SO, best episode for me is To where and back. I loved this episode since it gave the side characters the center stage.
  14. Rainbow Swirl

    Season 8 Discussion.

    Also, twilight would totally go out with flash because of EQG. But, we are getting off topic this is a season 8 discussion, not let us talk about potential love interest for characters.
  15. Rainbow Swirl

    What Is The Best MLP: FIM Song

    Some rules: no cover songs, no songs under 30 seconds ( cuz those aren't really a song), and songs that are just music is allowed. Also, please put what episode and season that song is from. SO, favorite song is "stop the bats" from Season 4, Episode 7, Bats. This song is really catchy and I love how it's a duet that's also a debate between if the bats should stay or go.