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  1. NotMeekMill

    Ghost Politics Is Back!

    I like things to be more serious this time around. His commentary was really damn good and everything he was predicting came true. Still wanna hear Tubguy again and maybe Ghetto Capitalist. And trust me 4chan and 8chan are going to troll him, though this time I think its going to be more creative. Splices will of course come back as they're classics, but I expect more colorful and creative trolls this time around.
  2. NotMeekMill

    Ghost Politics Is Back!

    Back in 2011-2012, there was a man on Blog Talk Radio called Ghost. Many of you, specially many Bronies probably knew who he was: An angry racist jewish hambone who used to get pissed off real easily at people. Yet at the same time was one of the smartest people I ever had the privilege of listening to. Well guess what? After 3 long years, he's back, and he's planning to do a Christmas show if you all will support it. This is huge, like Twilicorn huge
  3. NotMeekMill

    Fallout 4 hype train(Fallout 4 discussion) Hypest Hype

    Todd right about now
  4. NotMeekMill

    Rarity's New Home

    Thought /trash/ was finally going to be a dumping ground for all those shitty e-celeb threads and other off topic garbage. Instead its now /mlp/ 2.0 with furries Thanks Hiro
  5. NotMeekMill

    Overwatch up for pre-order

    Despite my complaints about Blizzard's questionable business practice, I still am looking forward to it. Sides Mei is cute. CUTE!
  6. NotMeekMill

    Overwatch up for pre-order

    Wasn't it supposed to be F2P from the get-go? Apparently the reason why Blizzard is charging money now is because they wanted the game on consoles, which sometimes doesn't end up working too well, specially if you game is multiplayer only i.e. Evolve and Titanfall. Not saying this happens all the time, Destiny did quite well but that's because Bungie developed it and it had a lot of hype surrounding it. Pretty much sums why they're doing this. In the end it all comes down to money. Blizzard knows there's a untapped market of console games who aren't hardcore PC guys at all, and they want that market. However Overwatch is not COD or Destiny, and this could backfire, forcing Overwatch to go F2P in the future, which I have a feeling it will in about maybe a year or so
  7. Maybe its just me, but I rarely see people playing on here anymore 

    1. Cyber Commander

      Cyber Commander

      For me it is just that I hit my time on TF2. After 1100 hours the game has stalled out on me. I still like to hang around on the forums just TF2 isn't on my priorities list right now.

    2. The Power

      The Power

      The last time I saw it close to full was that halloween event and well, there isn't the userbase that will populate it from scratch like there was with PF2, mainly because the community went three ways; people who came here, people who went to ponyville and people who just left.

    3. Error


      Because no one playing on FiG server, I began to play on other server instead.

  8. NotMeekMill

    Twitch's Bob Ross Marathon

    All those happy clouds
  9. NotMeekMill

    Versus Saxton Hale

    It was still nice of her to take people in though
  10. NotMeekMill

    Versus Saxton Hale

    Raini hasn't even updated the main page since like 2013. She claims that she's so busy with college and things that she doesn't really have time to get things done. Now maybe she is right because college is a bitch and all, but still have one of the mods step up for you and get things done. My real question is, why did Raini agree to take in Pony Fortress 2 refugees at all when she must have known many of us loved stock maps and near competitive play?
  11. NotMeekMill

    bape is so ass now

  12. NotMeekMill

    Show off your sparys.

  13. NotMeekMill

    Hey, PF2