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  1. Golden Claw

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    offers his tail to shake. "Yes, indeed! My name is Golden claw! Lovely to make your acquaintance, Libra!
  2. Golden Claw

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    cocks his head, looking down at the pony. "Errm- Im in the Royal guard. Nice to meet you!"
  3. Golden Claw

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    The dragon sneaks in. Well, he tries, anyway... there's only so much you can do when you have a shiny metallic scale color. And armor. And a ten foot long tail.... you get the idea. He's not exactly unnoticable.
  4. Golden Claw

    OC Master List

    Backstory Goldenclaw is a very kind-hearted dragon, and harmless to ponies as he eats a diet that consists purely of fish. Growing up on Scalvalon, an icy island far to the north, where the only Equestrians around are the precious few traders that travel between villages, Goldenclaw was transformed into a proud young warrior respected among the island tribe. However, when news of the Equestrians' struggles against those who championed the cause of evil reached their shores, the small tribe decided that they wanted to help the kingdom whose traders brought them the valuable goods they could not provide for themselves. And so they decided to send their best warrior. Goldenclaw was chosen as Scalvalon's ambassador to Equestria, ready to defend the kingdom against any evil that threatens, and a gesture of friendship to the kingdom. Arrival in Equestria! At first, upon arriving in Equestria, Goldenclaw noticed that the residents regarded him with fear, even hostility. But that would all change. Of course, Goldenclaw started with the most elementary changes. Soon after his arrival he changed his name to "Golden Claw", a name more similar to one that an equestrian would have, in the hopes that that would make him seem less mysterious and threatening. Eventually, Golden Claw would come to be an instrumental part of Equestria's endeavor to keep evil at bay, even earning himself a spot in the Equestrian Royal Guard. He has proven himself to be very loyal, and is always willing to drop everything to help his friends, equestrian or otherwise. Magic/Weapons Despite his total lack of magic abilities Golden Claw's training, daily excercise, and his armament, along with exceptional physical strength, Golden Claw is a strong offensive player and is a truly fearsome enemy. As with all warriors of Scalvalon, he has metal implants magically bonded to his muscles, under his scales, and his bones, which appear when required on his tail and spine, and also coating his claws and horns. He also has the light armor he recieved as a member off the Equestrian Royal Guard. He can use his tail as a spiked club or to throw the thin metal spikes as projectiles. However, he is best in a close-quarter fight. In addition, his light armor and metal-supported skeletal structure means that he can take a beating. But, of course, he is not invincible. His weakness? Well, of course he can be beaten into submission- his light tin-can armor doesnt exactly stop blunt force trauma. However, his enemies' best bet is Magic. He has no magic, nor any way to defend against it. Rage State: It is actually possible to drive the generally peaceful, merciful dragon into an even more powerful state. It only happens in moments of extreme anger, desperation and/or danger. However, there is one sharp downside to this boost in power: When driven to this state, he loses all self control. There are a few signs that may indicate the arrival of his terrifying rage state. The first: On Golden Claw's muzzle forms a crooked smile that gives even his allies a chill. Second: all mercy and emotion in his eyes fades as instinct takes over. Third sign: He throws himself directly at his enemy with no planning or reguard, with only instinct to guide him, and any former concept of mercy is completely overwhelmed by a brutish intent to destroy his enemy at all costs. At this point it is practically too late to stop his rage state without knocking him unconcious or killing him. Any enemy who encounters the rage state and lives to tell the tale is either very powerful or very lucky indeed, as in this state Golden Claw no longer holds back his massive strength, and his razor-sharp instincts make him many times more effective at dodging and countering. At the same time, even this rage state is not foolproof. He loses the ability to anticipate the enemy's movements ahead of time, and his movements and attacks become very direct, making his attacks predictable and putting himself at a major disadvantage to intelligent enemies who have the ability to lay versatile plans and manipulate his movements to their advantage. Behaviour Goldenclaw acts like some strange combination of cat and dog. For example, if wet he will shake himself off like a dog. He can often be seen lying anywhere where there is enough sunlight to warm his scales. He sits on his haunches, and if he has an itch, he scratches with his hind leg. He'll even chase a laser pointer!!! Physical Appearance: The first thing one would notice about Golden Claw is his brilliant, creamy gold coloured scales that glisten softly in the presence of light. His scales themselves are smooth to the touch like those of a snake. He is not a very massive dragon, only perhaps two feet taller than the average pony. But he is bound in muscle. He has claws, horns and teeth of a near-perfect white ivory color, and his eyes are stunningly beautiful- The whites, a pearly opalescent white surrounding deep, dark sienna pupils that shimmer slightly as they are speckled with small specks of copper, gold and silver that give each other a wide berth as if not to distract too much from the dark brown surrounding them. (You're gonna have to PM for NSFW details. Haha!)
  5. Golden Claw

    Rawrs dragonishly

    Thank yoooou!
  6. Golden Claw

    Rawrs dragonishly

    What a difficult question! After all, nobody can be totally absent of eitber virtue or terror. (In fact, in some RPs Golden Claw has in fact turned to the dark side!) However, based on his nature and the ratio of RPs in which he plays on the side of good compared those he's played evil, I would say about 80/20 in favor of virtue!
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  8. Backstory is a WIP.

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    Rawrs dragonishly

    HELLO EVERYONE! I JUST finished creating this account, and am very eager to join the fanbase here! But before I do that, a little bit about me and how I got here. (And pray you dont all species shame me for not being a pony LOL) An author and a Roleplayer I like to consider myself a very talented storyteller. Having been an avid roleplayer for a number of years I in fact eventually turned to writing. I have a wattpad, but im not famous yet, so I'm not quitting my day job! At any rate, I became interested in the MLP universe some time ago, and the result of the ensuing experimentation and character creations was this character, Goldenclaw (Or Golden Claw) the dragon. I now believe that I have enough experience RPing as a dragon in the MLP universe to not completely fail here. Why not a pony? Simple! Dragons just have so much more appeal to me (At least, in terms of me RPing as a dragon vs. Me RPing as a pony being my character. RP partners that are Ponies are ♡♡♡.), and Goldenclaw has a very unique personality and way of doing things that I simply couldnt achieve as easily with a pony character. Well, not without ir being UBER weird. I love RPing these traits in a character, and most RP partners tend to enjoy those traits as well. About Goldenclaw (Since I haven't worked on the profile yet) Luckily for you, Goldenclaw is the one character of mine who does not have some edgelord all-my-family-is-dead backstory! Goldenclaw acts like some strange combination of cat and dog. For example, if wet he will shake himself off like a dog. He can often be seen lying anywhere where there is enough sunlight to warm his scales. He sits on his haunches, and if he has an itch, he scratches with his hind leg. He'll even chase a laser pointer!!! He is also (preferably but also optionally) the first dragon ever to be accepted into the Equestrian Royal Guard, later on in his story. Finally, this dragon is only around 8 feet tall! (More or less)