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    Bronies in Arizona?

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to hang out and chat with in the Prescott area of Arizona. Although, if you're from another part of Arizona, we can still hang! I just live in Prescott and have touble traveling long distances due to an older car. But fret not, I can make it work. So hit me up!
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    Hi! What kind of cats do you have and what are their names? I have 3: Phoebe, Robin, and Pirrka.
  3. So it turns out that this one character called Kyubey in this kind of dark and psychedelic anime can be pretty funny at conventions. Check out 38:42 and 50:38 #piggybackstyle #piggybackposition 


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      soul gem phlegm coming up from the bowels and "Even the girl withe crooked boobs gets it, John!" is great

  4. In case anyone is curious, these two videos are the only things that have kept me going the past couple of days.


  5. Hey guys, I've been watching the show for a couple years, but I just decided to join this forum now. A big reason for this is that I've been going through a very rough time in my life and don't have many friends to turn to for support. I know it's silly, but for someone who has been watching a show about the values of friendship for awhile now, I've been reluctant to actually make any friends in my town. To fix this problem, I thought I'd reach out to the friendliest fanbase of them all for help. In any case, would love to chat and talk about whatever. Hit me up!
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    I am slightly new here

    Is FoE one story by one author or more like it's own universe with a collaboration of stories by different people?
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    newbie looking for friends

    Hey Pain! Nice to meet you. Digging those piercings, by the way.
  8. Golden|Mane

    I am slightly new here

    Welcome! I'm pretty new to the forums myself, actually. Haven't read FoE myself, although I've hear many good things about it.
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    Rawrs dragonishly

    Hi Golden Claw! I am also golden. Let's be friends! Sounds like you have a very interesting character. I would love to hear more! Btw, here's to you as well! *Also Rawrs in your direction*
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    New member! Hello ^-^

    Hey there! Long time watcher, but new to the forums myself. Welcome aboard!