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  1. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 16: Friendship University

    I'd say this is a pretty good episode. The fact that Flim and Flam were able to run a university in Las Pegasus just tells you the two have yet to change their ways. Surprised to see they were able to convince Star Swirl to join though. Odd how those two unicorns have yet to go to jail over the way they do business.
  2. The discussion thread to the next EG film, Rollercoaster of Friendship (which will air this Independence Day weekend on Saturday the 7th at 11:30AM on the Discovery Family channel). You can talk about what will happen, reviews, and other stuff. I'll start off. I think that human Twilight will have a major role in the movie as Shimmer has been looking over things for a while now.
  3. Trainboy1621

    MLP: FiM Books

    My recommendation: MLP: FiM Comic Volumes 5, 9, and 11. I have 5 & 9, and planning on getting 11 once I have the money for it.
  4. Trainboy1621

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    I've just started a few days ago. I got 4 separate starting issues of the Sonic IDW comics. I have gotten volumes of the MLP comic as well as issue 66 (which is lost as of this post...)
  5. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 13: The Mean 6

    The case of a comeback gone horribly wrong. The copies going against Chrysalis is what made this episode really fun. It seems that they're not into going after the Mane Six anymore, rather they just wanna do their own thing. What amazing is that the real Mane Six were unable to see that they were copies when coming across them in a negative mood and non of the real ones notice it. They just take it has "hey, that's *insert name here*.
  6. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 12: Marks for Effort

    This was one intriguing episode. It was really interesting to see the CMC do all these forms of attention, yet the others say no. The student looked like an antagonist at first (I can't remember her name...), but surprisingly looks helpful. I'm happy the Crusaders got honorary diplomas. The school* looks pretty great to be in. *I wonder how the EEA would think about that.
  7. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down

    Wow, that's a big piece of spoiler up there...
  8. Trainboy1621

    Hi Everypony!

  9. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down

    Bruh, are you serious? If this is true then I'll be damned! o_o
  10. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down

    That would be more of a season 9 episode. I have a feeling that episode will be Spike figuring out whether or not to stay with Twilight and the Mane 5 or leave Ponyville as he becomes a teenager.
  11. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 11: Molt Down

    Another great episode of this season. Spike's adolescence is one that reminds of my face right now with zits and stuff all over it. I like Smolder giving advice to Spike on dealing with this event in his life. A smile went on my face when Spike got his wings.
  12. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 10: The Break Up Break Down

    So, this is a pretty good episode. The whole situation that Big Mac had over her girlfriend with the CMC added in was pretty interesting. I loved Discord being in this episode. Nice seeing Derpy at the mail office too.
  13. Anyone watched the Royal Wedding this morning? 

    1. Mr. X

      Mr. X

      I caught a glimpse or two of it.

  14. Trainboy1621

    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    This episode was... man... AJ and RD arguing so much, especially RD. The award doesn't matter, like do your job (let's not forget that RD had some schadenfreude on AJ here and there). It's like the students were the only ones who really understood the message of the trip, and Twilight Sparkle was the only one who found some middle ground.
  15. Fluttershy. That is all.