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  1. Well due to a comment on an actually productive community, I did actually quantify the effect of magic on the average pegasus. And I did it with variables that won't change. so yes it's possible and yes cartoon logic is a factor, but past season four they've been relatively consistent with what ponies can and can't do. And to AronMk I realize you're a stick in the mud, but could you try not to be a hypocrite? And while you're at it, consider why you've posted over twice as much as the person below your comment, and yet you have a fifth of the followers.
  2. For a few days, I've been trying to quantify magic in Equestria. Though I have the amount of work in joules one Wingpower is, I need to know the average amount of work a pegasus would need in order to fly. So, I went to work only to find that although everyone has measured the average length a pegasus wing is, they didn't get the average area. An alternate solution to this would be if someone were to measure Fluttershy's speed to rainbows speed in the hot air balloon chase scene in the S2 opening episodes. From there I should be able to create a much better estimate of the magic that pegasi use. In fact, I would prefer the second solution because the math would be much simpler. I welcome your input and would very much appreciate it. And I will be citing my sources in the videos I make of this topic.