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  1. VictiniStar101

    Long time no see

    It's been quite a while since I last visited this place, a good year at least, so I figured I may as well reintroduce myself. I am VictiniStar101, I've been a fan of MLP since 2014, I used to go on here a bit when this was still Friendship is Gaming I try to find time to play vidya games every so often, right now I'm playing Overwatch a bunch, but I might go ahead and finish Skyrim at some point. Anyway, it's good to see how much bigger the forums have gotten, I hope to get well acquainted with you all.
  2. Whew, installed a new cooler and put my system in a new case, my CPU gets to 46 C on load


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    2. Toki Zensekai
    3. VictiniStar101


      I'm suing a Hyper 212 EVO on my AMD FX 6300

    4. Nova S. Aurora

      Nova S. Aurora

      Ah okay, that's probably why. It's a great budget chip you have there.

  3. VictiniStar101

    youtube video ideas

    I assume you know how to animate already? The only advice I can give is try to listen to some songs and derive ideas from those
  4. VictiniStar101

    Anyone else not main TF2?

    I main the game of School and I got DLC for it, including stress and a lack of money
  5. Hmm, I should probably work on my PMV while I have two days off from school

  6. VictiniStar101

    Nation States

    Wow, forgot to post in this thread about the Glorious Communion of Bored Mughals (sick name, I know) which seems to have a good amount of civil rights and political freedoms, our economy is struggling somewhat however
  7. VictiniStar101

    ultrasimmons heard some PF2'ers are coming here

    Hey ultrasimmons, good to see ya again!!!
  8. Ugh, got a lot of work to do on the weekend, yay /s

  9. VictiniStar101

    Ponycon 2016

    To close this thread I suppose, RIP PoNYCon I'll probably be hanging around the Bronies-NYC meetup group
  10. VictiniStar101

    Ponycon 2016

    Links please? (even though its unconfirmed)
  11. God, Ponycon 2016 was freaking amazing!!!!! s/o to Parker for hosting the last panel I went to, you did a good job man!

  12. PonyCon NYC is in two days HYPPPEEE!!!!!

    1. JexTexSSB ᴾᴾᴹ

      JexTexSSB ᴾᴾᴹ

      All aboard the Hype Train! :awesomedash:

  13. VictiniStar101

    Ponycon 2016

    I'm going there, why are you going as well?
  14. Installed an SSD into my PC today, looks like it was worth the $60

  15. VictiniStar101

    I'm not dead, just late

    Ayyy, good to see you again man