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  1. Lady Froey


    I don't like the fandom tropes with Derpy liking muffins and the Doctor, buuutttttttt I still like her and wrote her as a good character in one of my fics. Also she is just a cute pone.
  2. Lady Froey


  3. Lady Froey

    What do you main?

    Scout is my main class, I like his speed and weapon set. I also have a love for the Medic and focus on keeping my team alive. I also tend to play Pyro, Heavy and Demoman. I use to play Engineer but have lost interest overtime, and I tend to never play Soldier, Spy or Sniper.
  4. Lady Froey


    Mainly slice of life, romance sort of dramas. I considered writing action/adventure but I like writing realistic characters in familiar settings instead. I finished my first fic recently in a series, it even got featured a few times! Hi again!
  5. Lady Froey


    Heya everyone, my names Froey. I use to play on the old EQD server that Borg had a year or two back. I'm happy to see the servers are back in some form and am looking forward to play. Cyber Commander introduced me to the forums, so I thought I check here as well. As for myself, I tend to spend a majority of my time on FIMFic writing, reading and managing forum groups. It looks like it might be fun here as well though.
  6. Lady Froey

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

    Reaching MVP at the end of the round, also crit kills with a frying pan.
  7. Lady Froey

    Avatars are now squares! Tell us your thoughts!

    Squares are the supreme shape.
  8. Lady Froey

    Why did you join the fandom?

    January 2013, trans woman in her early 20's living in the South and not having much of a social life outside of the internet. My parents were out for the night and I had to the house to myself, I decided to get mildly drunk on red wine and have leftover pizza while watching the first season of My Little Pony on Netflix. After going through the first two seasons in a month I joined FIMFiction and begun having a fanfiction addiction and also played on the old EQD Team Fortress 2 server a bit. Since then I am hooked on the series, spent too much time reading and writing fanfiction, and spent too much cash on merchandise.
  9. Lady Froey

    Who is best pony?

  10. Lady Froey

    Post yer desktops