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  1. dakotadarkhooves

    Dakota's Art

    Figured I'd make a thread to show off my pony-related artwork! I do a lot of different arts and crafts so expect a variety of things here. I'll update it whenever I created something new! If you'd like to support my artwork at its source, please check out my deviantART! (These are sorted from most recent to oldest.) Digital Art A design/piece I sold on deviantART just recently, 'Starkissed Satin'. A piece featuring my Space Cottonmouth (closed species by Pomiheii on deviantART), Audrey. A request for Frost Note on the Equestra Amino. This is their adorable bat pony boy, Frost Note! Some fanart I did of Apple Split. Even though he's just a minor character and only has two lines in the show, I adore him! A sketchy headshot of my vampire pony OC, Nightlore. My ponysona, Merry Anvil! She was based off my love for blacksmithing and swords. This is an older piece from 2015, but it's currently the only fullbody ref I have of Nightlore. Traditional Art None yet! Custom Ponies A WIP custom of Cattail, from a fakie. I'm still working on the rest of his accessories but I made his hat! A WIP G3 Apple Split! Plushies None yet! Sculptures/Other None yet!
  2. dakotadarkhooves

    Hey Y'all!

    Hey there! I'm just an artistic gal from Oklahoma who's loved MLP for around 15 years now. I grew up with G3s and collected them along with G1s and G2s all throughout my childhood, but stopped collecting when G4 came out because I was unsure about the style. I finally gave FiM a chance though and I regret being so stubborn because I ended up really enjoying it, and now I'm back to collecting! My favorite kind of ponies are earth ponies, and my fave Mane 6 pony is Applejack (or really, just all of the Apple family...especially Apple Split who I may have a small obsession with). Applejack has actually always been one of my faves; G3 Applejack was among my first ponies and I adored her G1 version as well, so I think it was only to be expected that I'd love her in FiM. I'm also heavily involved in arts and crafts, and I enjoy drawing, writing, making plushies, sculpting, and customizing ponies! The art in my avatar (although slightly old) was done by me and features my OC, Nightlore. In real life, I'm a blacksmith with a love for sharp pointy things (especially swords), I own two horses (a mare named Dusty and a gelding named Ringo), and I'm a proud member of Clan Donnachaidh, one of the oldest Scottish clans (my paternal grandma was a Duncan). I'm hoping to participate in the Highland games soon! I can also be found on: Equestria Amino, MLP Arena, MLPTP, MLP Forums, Derpibooru, deviantART, Pony Town, and PonyIsland, all under the username 'dakotadarkhooves'. Nice to meet y'all!