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  1. New Leaf

    Hearths Warming Con 2020

    That's right, Hearth's Warming Con is back for one more celebration of pony, and you are invited to be part of the magic! Would you like to fully embrace the teachings of friendship? This edition of your favourite Dutch My Little Pony convention is all about education - with a strong emphasis on science! Get ready to study pony merchandise, inform yourself with cute workshops, and learn the most mysterious equine dances imaginable with friends from all over the world! The main event is going to take place on the weekend of February 29th and March 1st, but if you scoot on over to the very much live ticket page you'll notice that there's also an exciting dinner event on Friday for those into the fancy sponsor options! And what's this? Sunday's an all-day affair now? That's about 20% more pony! (We might have to work on the finer mathematics on this one before engaging the final exam!) There's also a new venue for us to take over and ponify! Fear not: it's very close to our previous place of mayhem and magic! It's called the Expo Haarlemmermeer Vijfhuizen, and you can easily access it via bus 300, departing from both Schiphol airport as well as Haarlem central station. Are you intending to contribute either by vending your fabulous pony creations, or hosting a panel or other majestic event as a community guest? We're waiting to hear from you! Of course, Hearth's Warming Con cannot function - cannot even conjure up much promotional material such as this very block of text - without a large supply of volunteers! If you wish to help out (and get in on the convention business without having to purchase a ticket) make sure you apply as soon as possible! With Hearth's Warming Con just around the corner it's about time to prepare in earnest for the lessons that await us! Still, there are many more announcements yet to be made - you'd do well to stay tuned to the website for (special) guest revelations as well as a bunch of other fun stuff regarding events, activities, and more! This final edition of Hearth's Warming Con is shaping up to be a truly edifying experience and we very much hope to see you there and be a part of it!
  2. Today the Adventures of New Leaf and his Friendsinto the Equestrian Wasteland continues
  3. New Leaf

    Voice over Comic Special

    So for my 200+ subscriber special i give you a comic made with the help of All ponies are voiced by me as well as all audio editing was me
  4. Today New Leafs adventures in the dark , gloomy and irradiated wasteland continues...
  5. The Title Says it all but for 200 i am needing of any arty ponies that can raw a comic of sort that id voice act (any voices in this video are me)
  6. Today New Leaf learns about the rough side of the magically irradiated equestria.
  7. New Leaf

    Ponyvania Playthrough

    This Game Combines Castlevania and Mlp into a pretty cool game thats up still adding more content and here you can enjoy the ride of me playing something both nostalgic and very ponyfied as well.
  8. Well everypony here is the 7t chapter of my newest chapter to this big project anypony who wants to hear OCs surviving equestrian wasteland with voice acting, sound effects and so on and immerse themselves into th wastelands do give it a listen. Also using some new equipment to record this one
  9. This particular fanfic is special in the way that it is not one to read along but moreso to listen along, to get immersed in the post apocalyptic world and feel the environment and get a much better "wastelander vibe" if that makes any sence, anyhow chapters go around 20 minutes an come out every 2-3 weeks, editing takes a while but the end result is usually all worth it, most of my channel focuses on that warm fuzzy pony feeling and this project goes perfectly with it so enjoy^^ below i will list both play list and the newest chapter as well as when new ones are released everypony this play list currently has 4 chapters newest one being the one below^^ With that i thank all you lovely ponies for reading bye-bye
  10. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    discord is Newleaf#1346 if you wanna talk there its a Little less waity and such
  11. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    well i could record the footage and audio seperately no matter what game, if we do LoE any idea what we could do? Or the upcome FoE chapter where you could voice somepony^^ what seems more comfortable to you?
  12. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    an episode of portal 2 or we can make an episode of LoE later on or such^^
  13. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    sure well all youd have to do is provide commentary and you know tell ponies about yourself of course^^