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  1. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    discord is Newleaf#1346 if you wanna talk there its a Little less waity and such
  2. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    well i could record the footage and audio seperately no matter what game, if we do LoE any idea what we could do? Or the upcome FoE chapter where you could voice somepony^^ what seems more comfortable to you?
  3. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    an episode of portal 2 or we can make an episode of LoE later on or such^^
  4. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    sure well all youd have to do is provide commentary and you know tell ponies about yourself of course^^
  5. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    so up for a part of portal 2 which is on my channel?
  6. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    it can happen some forget an id love to for anything coming up really^^
  7. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    glad to hear i have to take care of many papers in the human world now, it seems in the last year you have to write many of them^^
  8. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    hope all of your exams and such went well everypony
  9. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    oki doki sounds cool any thing you prefer rottentotten? got quite a few projects going on at university so i have to plan a bit etc
  10. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    Good luck to you with em i also have my transfiguration and levitation exams coming up
  11. New Leaf

    You Tube Channel - New Leaf

    okay everypony thanks for the nice responces, this colt will gladly liek the help in what ever projects we come up with/ that are currently going
  12. Hey Everypony New Leaf here, Currently Looking for somepony who wants to record a thing or two together with me, i mainly play mlp games but also do other projects like the current audio book for my spin on how my OC would fare in the Fallout Equestria Universe/Environment and sometimes love random things like singing, drawing things or any dares of sorts. As long as you get that warm fuzzy feeling of having fun watching a pony do what ever he pleases^^And yes all voices are acted by myself^^ Recently Managed to break the 50 subbie Mark and anyone wishing to tag along on this magical ride is surely welcome.No matter if you wanna lend your voice for a video part of a story or whatever we come up with^^ If words is to much to read then take a peak at my (allready sorta outdated and old) channel trailer instead. With that i thank you for reading /)
  13. New Leaf

    Hey everypony

    Im New Leaf and im the newest colt in this forum although ive been part of the fandom since 2014 ive only today considered making an account on this site because i wanna ssocialise more and meet new ponies andd yes im a lil shy when it comes to that anyway. Ive been to many conventions, as visitor some as volunteer and the most recent one (HWCon 2018) as logistics Manager, putting what ive learned at University to work where i am Studying Business Administration with my focus on Merketing and Logistics at a Bachelors level. Masters incoming. Which i guess has been my main way of contributing to the fandom is providing my Knowledge etc and yes i am an egghead in the field. Creativity wise (like what the fandom is known for) i "only" hold a youtube channel geared towards pony games of any kind which is relatively young and gotten active routinley over the past 3 or sso months, reaction videos etc happen there sometimes this one and i can also make a few vectors here and there but ive only recently started to learn about art so im no picasso what soever. Finally about myself im really a shy pony with a lot of wish as and dreams and more determination than meets the eye, who loves to experiment try things out and who is always bursting with ideas or mathematically spoken, im 60% Fluttershy, 30% Twilight Sparkle and 10% Discord. Fluttersshy is my absolute favorite because how much i can relate to her.