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  1. Feel like absolute shit and like puking... Extremely stressed out.

  2. PonifiedBeast

    Survive the Attack!

    What's that? It was my body double made for this specific time and event! He gave his life to defeat the Nanfoodle menace and protect the Dink. I fill your inferior lawn and backyard with explosive devices.
  3. PonifiedBeast

    OC Master List

    Name: Storm Watcher Race: Earth Pony Gender: Female Age: (Depends on Era, if I'm rping with her daughter, she's in her 40's otherwise 22) Personality: Kind, Thick-headed, one to "Leap before thinking" Picture: Backstory: Back when Watcher was an inexperienced explorer, she didn't have much of luck of anything. She managed to get hold of a priceless map that led her to a temple buried underneath rock- there was where she would find the necklace of an ancient naga. Watcher, not knowing any better, picked up the necklace- only to be cursed. The curse carved the snake-like pupil into her left eye, turning it bright green. She later found out that it summoned spirits, but not in a good way. She was a trigger for them. Whenever she was close to a ghost- they would instantly be alerted and attack her and try to kill her. Only a few spirits, who seemed to be peace-filled in life seem to show no reaction to her but even then, few of those exist. She hopes to one day rid of the curse but nothing has seemed to work thus far. Name: Cyclone Storm Race: Unicorn Gender: Mare Age: 19 Personality: Rude, Thick-headed, defiant Picture: Backstory: Cyclone grew up quietly and friendly, learning her magic through her father. Being a demi-god, she found to learn her powers quickly at a young age. She grew up to be a powerful unicorn but at a cost. Unlike most demi-gods, she has the full power of any other god however her mortal body cannot withstand it long and will break and weaken on extended use. Seeing how she could not use her full power, she aims to become a goddess of weather herself at any means possible.
  4. PonifiedBeast

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

    Single-handily destroying and making team/clan stacks rage quit from a server.