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    Dr of Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Andrology. I am a leading care provider at a clinic that deals with high risk pregnancies and at risk mothers.
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    Bumbledorf#1606 Battletag please add me to friends, looking for more pony fans and people in general who understand my oddities to chat with i main Disc on Winterhoof(US) and am 12-13 heroic HFC 1-13 Mythic PS, my guild is recruiting heavily for everything but tanks. Lvl 100 Priest i lvl 714 Legendary ring i lvl 756 Disc-Holy & bad shadow set Lvl 100 Warrior i lvl 701 Stage 3 Ring (BRF Farm) Prot[tank]-Fury[titans grip] Lvl 100 Druid i lvl 709 Legendary ring i lvl 741 Bear-cat also has resto stuff Lvl 100 shaman i lvl 696 Stage 3 Ring (BRF Farm) Resto-Ele Lvl 100 Mage i lvl 697 Stage 3 Ring (BRF Farm) Arcane-Frost Lvl 100 hunter i lvl 694 Stage 2 Ring (HM Farm) BM-MM