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    Daily events for the week

    Maybe announce the event more than 3 hours in advance
  2. Linkuser

    I'm your only server mod now <3

    I challenge you to a duel for the right to mod
  3. Linkuser

    Battleborn Open Beta Test From *NOW* Until the 18th

    I'm super interested and will be downloading the open Beta now. I like the concept.
  4. Linkuser

    Wat Do?!

    Politely ask they do not use it. I raise my had up in the air and stare at you expectantly, one eyebrow raised. What do you do?
  5. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  6. Linkuser

    Survive the Attack!

    I pull up a book with with proper grammar and shout "OBJECTION!" as I pull apart your sentence structure. I come barreling towards you with my scattergun primed and ready.
  7. Linkuser

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    I paint you to look like Epona.
  8. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  9. Linkuser

    Yes or No

    Yes? Did you forget to write a question last time you posted in this thread?
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    Continue The Story

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    Continue The Story

  12. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  13. Linkuser

    Yes or No

    Nope Do you think Link is awesome?
  14. Linkuser

    Wat Do?!

    I accept my fate and die by cuteness. You find me starting at you. What do you do?
  15. Linkuser

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

    "I feel like a fish out of water."
  16. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  17. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  18. Linkuser

    Continue The Story

  19. Linkuser

    General TF2 Ranked Match Making Thread

    Also, User is now my favorite buddy scout. Sorry Vand.
  20. Linkuser

    General TF2 Ranked Match Making Thread

    Matchmaking is literally the greatest thing to happen to TF2. Period. I can't contain how happy I am to be playing it.
  21. Need it for my m8s
  22. Linkuser

    Competitive Beta -- The Plan

    What does this even mean
  23. Linkuser

    Competitive Beta -- The Plan

  24. Linkuser

    FiG Momentum V2.0

    I'll play engie I swear on me mum