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  1. Fallout or something Post Apocalyptic

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (Stuck in a dream world, have to destroy the world's gaurdians to break free) or Something related to FF

    Mercenaries that get embroiled into a Civil War


    If you need help with any of these ideas let me know.



  2. Earlier this week, on Monday Nov. 28, my mom passed away from a very aggressive cancer. Because of this, my family has made a gofundme to help cover funeral costs. All we ask is that people share it around with others, but if you feel inclined to donate, we greatly appreciate anything you give. 


    Here is the link:

    I appreciate the community here and all the people I've known/played games with over the years. You guys are great and I really want to thank you for letting me share this here.
    - Linkuser
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