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    Spam Hopefully Handled

    China decided to invade the boards or something. It's slowly cleaning it up now and we've added some extra security. Hopefully that stops it! If not we can keep adding more. In the meantime, have some Sweet Velvet. She's adorable
  2. Sethisto

    Show me your OC!

    My current batty girl Ruby Skies. Show me your oc's forum people! (Warning: Saucy link here)
  3. Trixie Trixie Trixie!
  4. Sethisto

    To settle a dispute

  5. My old favorite discussion post from back in the day because its slightly creepy and interesting at the same time. You are offered a chance to be teleported to Equestria, with no chance of returning and no chance to let everyone know. You can be any type of pony you want, and are decked out with a house and 5 years worth of your needs being paid while you look for a pony based career. Do you do it?!
  6. Sethisto

    The MLP Fandom

    I think the fandom is growing up more than anything. A lot of people I know that started this are now in their late 20's with college out of the way and full time careers. The kids growing into the pony world are primarily over on Youtube now. You can see it pretty clearly browsing the comments there on some of the episode links that get 500k- a million views before hasbro shuts them down. Kids absolutely flood this stuff. Unfortunately they don't venture far in to some of the more traditional pony sites like EQD
  7. Sethisto

    >am new horse

    Fear not child, for your house, care, wife, and check can all be donated. I can tell from the way that you speak, that these items not only trouble you, but blind you to your glorious savior. Please see my secretary for information on ways in which your assets can be shifted over to the Church of Equestria. You will be free my son. Reborn anew to a wonderful life and an even grander afterlife with bountiful mares.
  8. Sethisto

    >am new horse

    My son... I have heard thy call. For a simple fee of $12, 4 commissioned drawings of my OC's L/L shipping with Trixie, and weekly cleaning of the Church of Equestria's official prayer service jet, you too can feel the light that is my brilliance. Fear not, for even if you are not blessed with riches, every bit you donate will guarantee a chance at redemption from past sins. May Nyx watch over you. Be blessed! Send all of your belongings so that we may save our race from the fires of hell! Amen
  9. Sethisto

    Bat Ponies

  10. Sethisto

    Bat Ponies

    We need more MOON SUGAR!
  11. Sethisto

    G5 Thread

    We better see some BAT PONIES. We might as well just make it all bat ponies. Keep the models though.
  12. Is the best Prove me wrong. (Bat ponies don't count)
  13. Sethisto

    Why did you come on EQD?

    To force my favorite ponies onto millions.
  14. Sethisto

    About analyzing

    I'm just here for the ponies. I don't really care what anyone in the fandom thinks the show is or isn't. As long as I enjoy it, it really doesn't matter. I never really got the whole "analysis" thing for pony. This has never been a super deep story driven world with strict canon and hidden meanings. Analyzing it seems pointless. There are plenty of other things out there with dictionaries worth of lore and information to dive into. Pony just isn't that. I swear 90% of the videos out there just make something up or project their fanon into it to try to make it canon. Follow the analyzers that make it fun imo.
  15. Sweet Velvet is best

  16. Sethisto

    Hi! My name's MoonSugar!

    I have a crush on your bat
  17. Sethisto

    "Sethisto is Not Real" conspiracy theory thread

    You got me. But I'm on contract for another 20 years, so you are stuck with me. Trixie is best. Bat ponies should replace the mane cast. Glim Glam is the ultimate addition to pony. Embrace these thoughts, for they are your reality.
  18. I'm guessing there are a lot of WoW players here judging by the general WoW thread. Here's one I've been debating with myself for a while. Thanks to the invasion event going on, I have everything except a druid and warlock at level 100, but still have no idea what to play. What are you all going to be picking? I'm leaning toward Enhancement Shaman or Warrior, but I always play those. My DK is pretty fun, but I hate the lack of mobility.
  19. If you are starting a group or looking for new players for something, please start the title your post with LFM (Looking for more) If you are looking for a group for something, please title your post with LFG (Looking for group) Example: LFM - World of Warcraft guild "Sweet Velvet fan club" Blackrock server LFG - 30 Marauder FFXIV Adamantoise server
  20. Sethisto

    Trixie Trixie Trixie

    I want to commandeer your brain and steal your art skeelz
  21. Sethisto

    MLP anime franchise idea

    I'd kill for an epic, 26 episode arc following TRIXIE on her quest to receive the ultimate unicorn POWER!
  22. Sethisto

    Bat Ponies

    Hell yeah, shes cute