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  1. hmm time to see whats new!

  2. Well there we go, wasn't as intense as i thought it would come out as. But the first "arc" is done mostly. Only flavor text between the two missing but yah. =D hopefully it doesn't get to twisted and brutal =O

  3. hmm almost done my first "arc". They aren't meant to be technically long so it works out. Hope everyone is having a good one!

  4. As i write more maybe i'll start putting more fun into it. Hmm who knows~

  5. hmm i guess i'll have to figure out the coding for the fun reading of this one :P

    1. darksword66


      whelp i just over complicated my life for nothing i guess. Just go simplessssss~

  6. Alright hmm tags i think are done too. Guess i'll toss up my profile stuff for the main character and maybe the first part of the first "arc" of the story.

  7. Just have to figure out a title for my topic i guess :P

  8. hey! =D

    1. Dr Ned
    2. darksword66


      just thought i'd say hello before i get ready for bed XD

    3. Dr Ned
  9. Trying to think if i should put up a nice loose background for the main character of the FF i'm writing, write it like a evolving profile. hmm hmm

  10. And time to vanish into my rest~

  11. Time to figure out how i want to start this story and play out the character. Hmm...maybe i should work on my lore sheet too? Hmm...