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    And now, finally

    Hmms~ i'll move this to messages as I don't want to turn a conversation here in an intro section!
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    And now, finally

    Oh? I mean it isn't so bad in itself. I guess neutrality holds it's own beauty at times. I know parts of the world didn't get snow and such. Hmm, well do you celebrate new year with the idea of making resolutions to not complete? (i say jokingly of course )
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    Im new! Yeah!

    I never really fell into the concept that falls into the "brony" ideology that it became presented on the aspect of the internet itself. Im a huge Disney junky, and i was one day just laughing at pony stuff. (As my sister and I would usually take the old Pony based stuff when we were much younger, and play with them while burning or melting cheap knock offs of barbie and such). Being part of the death metal scene and such for some time I was kinda not really into that stuff. But let's just say i was one day listening to music. And I heard a song on there while i was writing down some stuff (for my work as i was at the time working for an exotic pet store) and i was like. "This is really cool. Pretty close to Disney level I have to hear it again" It actually was from EG the Everfree camping movie itself. So i listened to the track again and was like "damn this is good". So I went towards watching all of EG and heard many different songs they presented. I thought to myself as I watched it essentially backward that I would then step into watching mlp. Interesting that it would be hard in Cuba to get your hands on it. Though i can't say I'm really surprised. The world has many oddities in which they put different bans or hard to get aspects in materials. I just hope that you enjoyed your Holidays and had a good new year.
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    Hello, everypony!

    Welcome to the Boards. It's always cool to have others jump onto here. And of course, it's great to see new people jump onto this place. I hope your Christmas and New Year went swimmingly and you had a great time with it! Friends are fun to find indeed!
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    And now, finally

    Sometimes it's hard to just remember all the different sites and productions that come into life. I myself tend to fall into that rather twisted amalgamation of wanting to interact with people but often get side tract into the more other online stuff. Anyways, welcome to the board by a fellow being who seems to poof off of the board for elongated periods of time. Either way, it's great you jumped onto taking the first step :P. Hope your Christmas and New Year went smoothly and so entered the 20's for us all once more.~ Oh, right I guess you've been noticed!
  6. hmm time to see whats new!

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    Hello everypony!

    Well i mean i guess that's the way people introduce themselves yes? Anyways I'm Darksword66, or Hizumi what ever your hearts desires to call me at the time. I generally am probably one of those common people/ponies that tend to write in the fan fiction aspect of things. Though most my stuff falls into the more darker side of things. I recently got into MLP mostly because of my own taste towards disney like music and singing. Which i tend to enjoy, the story itself and the seemingly not entirely bland and boring characters we just the plus side of it. I remembered the world much differently when i was child so it's to my surprise how different the world is? I never looked into it much when i was younger. But anyways i'm glad i just fell onto it from the combo of my disney want and my interest from all the death battles with them in it. Onto those fun little circles i tended towards always writing rather dark content. Not in all matters of it mind you. Though it's always going to be up in the what some may call "horror". Though i just see it as a dark, not so much jump scare as much psychological at times.~ but that's just how i am with these things. Aside from watching mlp, and finally having caught up to it. I generally watch anime, write game or am at work. I also RP, and help others learn about rping and such too. I dabbled in DnD a few times in my life but nothing to say i know the world. I generally am a world generator (or as i jokingly say a universe generator) and if given time i will often create entire universes with multiple histories, species and all that magicalness! But yah enough i guess about that one i may be endlessly blarping out information and messing with everyone. Hmm.. When it comes to MLP i'd have to say my top would probably be, Celestia, Pinkie, Sunset. Though i do also think Luna is cool i just tend to get =O about it because she has so many fans, and being i think both princess are pretty cool i tend to just lean Celestia though. No real Favoritism. Oh, and my Fan fiction i generally call world fiction at times. I know in many FF's, there is usually some sort of hows that is missing, or such. I generally try my best to stay within the lore and match what is passed or such. Usually leading my to entirely rewriting my stories. My only challenge has always been writing the canon characters. My main selection of it has been to make an entire new cast, following the events in the world on a different path maybe, or such things. But i've been trying at writing out my own interpretations in my own way. When it comes to deserts i'd have to say my fav in the sweets world would have to be frozen Yogurt or just yogurt in general. Though Cheese cake and such is something i make for myself...strawberry milkshakes too XD. Hmm hmm i think that's about all for an ok introduction =O I hope it wasn't too bad Well i'll probably see if i can throw my fan fiction on here too. Whenever i get to writing it and not just having all the things spider trailed across a brain storm of burning cinders Thanks for the Board for me to flop around on~ P.S. Yes, as i love disney i do sing....alot XD it's like a thing i just like doing in most cases when i can. My family on one side constantly sings, we were brought up on singing and such so it was a thing we did. So, after my death metal, and such time comes in (still present) have to put in that magical MLP or Disney or BB or such songs you know? Keep them on their toeeeeeessss~ =D
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    Hoi hoiii ~

    Hello and welcome to the board! Lovely Art Work for sure =D.
  9. Well there we go, wasn't as intense as i thought it would come out as. But the first "arc" is done mostly. Only flavor text between the two missing but yah. =D hopefully it doesn't get to twisted and brutal =O

  10. hmm almost done my first "arc". They aren't meant to be technically long so it works out. Hope everyone is having a good one!

  11. As i write more maybe i'll start putting more fun into it. Hmm who knows~

  12. So just a little blurb out here. So my stuff is usually on the creative aspect of things with potentials yes. i sometimes draw from materials that may seem minuscule and do my best to make events occur in the story that could be a probable event. As a writer i tend to like many other people write up rough drafts or quick ones. I don't tend to edit out my stuff (aside from machine) only cause if it's fan fiction. When it's official work i'll actually read over my work, re-write and evaluate it. Of course if i get enough pushes too, i will write or fix it up XD. Anyways.. The entire character design and idea came from various thoughts. As i am normally a rather dark, "Horror", Gore and such writer it is in itself bound to pop up in this FF too. Sorry in advance if you don't like that. I tend to like to lean towards psychological like stuff. That, and all that magical fun. So all my ideas are kinda flarpy at times. But i mean, i generally figure they aren't impossible in the world. I will probably (if possible), use the first post for the arc connection points for people. As it seems people can comment and such on the stories. Which works out! Aside from that, i will try to split up the first post to include the main character and his evolving profile based on what is "known". I will try to spoiler parts that would spoil future parts of the story. Anyways, so far i only have "3 arcs" though i am always thinking of other things. I'll listen to opinions for concepts and ideas after it. Hopefully, my story doesn't annoy to many people (That and i normally don't write in canon characters...so these are always more challenging for me XD but i like it as it may help with different creative means) I'll have to just update this progressively too Character Profile(s) -- Name: Winter Fall Sex: Male Species: Unicorn Age: Stallion Description: Coat: Silver White Coat Mane and Tail: Dark Purple, Dark Red, Black, and Navy Blue. Stripped. Depending on his form, it can also be white when he is in his death mode. His main is long and hangs to the side of his head. Eyes: Icy Blue-grey. Cutie Mark: Magic: Personality: story times Arcs : Winter's Grasp "Completed" Winter's Fall Arc 1, Winter's Grasp “You want to know how I got here?” The glow in his eyes seeming to peer through the hood that covered his head. The brown linen cloth hanging over his entire face. Though the hauntingly light blue grey gaze seemed to glow quite literally as his horn which protruded from his head showed so much. The mare before him was watching him with disdain. He was sure she was more aware of what he was more then anything else. He didn't care, but he couldn't help but entertain the thought of someone hearing his story after so long. His right hoof stepped forward. It's gash giving it it's jagged form stepping forward as the sound echoed around him. “You wish to know who I am..” His left moving afterwards as he walked slowly towards her. Stopping before her. There was nothing she could do. This world, as it has become had nothing to beat him. Well, that was unless the tree of harmony did something out of the ordinary. But in the end, he didn't care too much about the domination. He only wanted vengeance for so long he wasn't sure what else he could want. Who would even want him now? Who would even spend time with him as he truly was. That was more interesting then anything else that fell forward in this world. He let out a breath. Watching her gaze back at him. Her answer wasn't even needed to be voiced. She was determined and he was more then happy to play this little game. They wouldn't know him. “Then you best be ready for several nights. Though I may condense some parts of the history. For I have been around longer then most people here. I'd say Discord would be the only one that could come close. Not that age, plays value in power. As so many have found when going up against the princess' it seems. Even I.” He stopped for a moment before pushing on further with his hidden grin, fang filled behind his hood. “Well then, time to start at the beginning. As insomnia will be the main play of my nights it seems. One of the reasons I enjoy the loving twinkles the stars so give.” ---- How I was such a fool back then...how I should have seen all the signs.. The day began as so many others would. The fillies and colts running about. The town was rather small though it wasn't barren. Surrounded by flat lands in all corners. The greens were rolling hills in the distance which would roll to their prairie like area. Long fields and the trees that would be meeting them to the west were ever present. Winter was something that would have come once in awhile but generally they weren't too hard on the land. The ponies didn't really show to much issue with one other. They seemed larger, and more robust then most of the normal ponies. Seeming to be rather powerful for their own area. But it was merely how they stood. For there was legends of longer winters, and their bodies being more then able to deal with it. And the great migrations they would do within their areas in order to protect themselves. Often though, using the near by fjord to know the location, and which location to go to next. The houses were made to resist most weather climates that they expected. But for the most part, the town was rather quiet. It wasn't until a group of friends would move towards the forest to the west that would lead to events that could for the most part take apart their entire life. The one who would head the adventure would grow to hate this day, but love it the most. Finding his path in life, while at the same time damning him for the eternity that would come after it. His coat was a silver-white color. He was rather strong like the others and had a a straight horn that for the most part was like all normal unicorns. His hair was a mesh of 4 colors. Though a main three seems to form into it, with accents of his fourth. His main colors standing as deep purple, dark blue, and dark red. Accented with black that seemed to leach into it. His eyes were large, and rather lovely looking, with his eye lashes slightly larger then most colts. They were a blue-grey color. He had nine other friends, they generally would travel with him everywhere he went. They, I can't remember, I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember,I can't remember, what happened why aren't they there...has it been this long? Why aren't they in my memories...I can't remember... The forest was rather thick. The lay out had made it hard for all of them to travel through the trees themselves as the branches were reaching out, as if to hold them back from continuing forward. He had been the only one who hadn't had a cutie mark. Much to his own dislike of course. He would have much rather to have gained it at the same time as his best friends. But they were more then happy hanging out with him. Ignoring the others just to make sure that they all understood that he wasn't there just to be made fun of. Though many of the other wouldn't dare to do such things as he wasn't the type to take things without dealing it back in some way. With another hoof forward he stumbled forward before being caught by one of his friends. They watched him carefully their ........... He looked to the book. As it seemed to rest on the ground. It was rather dusty. But seemed to sit atop a dead stump. There wasn't much else around it as it seemed to have been left there. Maybe there was a house here at some point, but for the most part they watched him as he walked forward. They didn't seem to say anything. Though he wouldn't see it as much of a problem. If you looked at it, it was mostly just a book. His silver aura hovered around the book as it picked it up and pulled it towards him before he would trot out towards the village itself. He would begin reading the book. As it would slowly teach him about magic he had never known of. For the most part their magic was used to help out with survival. Moving things, pushing things and defense or attack. While this one brought forth something he had never heard of before. The ability to bring back the dead and use them at his will. It wasn't something that he thought possible but it seemed to be based on certain factors...it wasn't long though before he even noticed the new cutie mark that seemed to form on his hind legs. The skull that seemed to rest as a main skull surrounded by small ones. Yet his parents never said anything. They didn't care about it, they did care about what he was reading but they were accepting of him. Choosing to say that surely there was a good reason for him having this mark. While the village wouldn't see it as that at all...though in a way they were right to not to. Time would pass for the most part without anything really eventful occurring. He would loosely test his spells and make new ones based on what would occur to the smaller creatures he would use it on. Ranging from him killing them to things like just bringing them back to see their memory. Yet each time he would go with his friends he'd bring his book with him. As if it was dying for him to forever use it. As they finally reached they teenish like age. Holding to being stallions and mares. They had finally reached a point in which the village seemed to slowly start to reveal it's dark colors. His mother, having been the mayor of the village, and his father the head of their defense force. Most of the town itself refused to raise a hoof in rebellion. But over time their seemingly disgust of his existence would continue to grow. From watching him do a range of experiments on the local dead animals, to his carrying the book everywhere he would go it never seemed to end in a light cycle that so many thought it would when he was younger. To be honest, most just hoped his cutie mark was merely a means to point towards something less brutal like archaeology or something on those lines. Yet their anger grew. Though it was hidden it seemed to still appear in other things. When he was out and about getting hold of needing things for food in his house, or anything of the sort. It would be certain things added in to kill him or take him out of the picture. Having originally started to just remove the book. They have seen to remove him entirely. However, with each attempt, each passing year. The winters grew longer and colder. Not just in their village but in any of the migration points they had set up for the winters. And so began the worse winter of them all...one after they had finally reached a boiling point. The cold winter winds howled over the town. Freezing over some of the building doors. Which were opened by heavy hits from the stallions or mares themselves. There was a meeting to be had, a means in order to figure out what was causing this. They had held more then enough secret meetings. It was now time to bring in the mayor in order to see what they would do next. It went on for hours as they yelled and tried to figure out how to make the right move. What was the step to take? “I'll go.” One stallion stated as he stood up. His silver-white coat, his long mane the mix of dark purple, dark blue, dark red with it's accent of black that seemed to move on it. And most of all, his skull cutie mark played out a situation they had all hoped for. Something they secretly wished. “I will go and find the source of this storm...this endless cold.” He would stated with a smile, caring towards his towns people. His mare having come up with him without a word. Her sapphire coat that only fell upon a black and silver mane. She followed close behind him, along with his friends whom all seemed to move without anything but the sound of their hooves. “My son, are you sure...taking this for the village...” The mother pleaded, as she could see the darkness that seemed to lean in the hearts of all the ponies alike in the area. Something her son seemed to keen on ignoring. Even after all the attempts against him, it seemed he did his best to hold onto believing they were fine. She knew all to well if his father would have been here, he would have gone in his place. But he was already out dealing with another threat. “i'm certain mother-” Though before he could finish, most of the stallions and mares were already edging him on. Cheering for him to help find the source of all this misery. He smiled as he looked to his girlfriend and friends. Before looking back to them. Nodding to the crowd of horses before him. “I'll be sure to save our town. I will find the cause of it all!” he declared so blindly. And began to get his things ready as he passed through the crowd getting cheers and more. The snow was rather deep. Reaching close to their knees as they walked through it. Each step felt like a pull on their hearts as they would move further and further away from the homes they had been safe in. They may have been no push overs. But over all keeping to the herd was just something they were used to. A power in the group. Yes they would venture off. But never to honestly go after something they had no idea on how to take down at all. Every hoof forward was a cut in the snow. Leaving the trail of the 10 travelers behind as they didn't stop. They would of course have their breaks. Their warm linen like cloaks covering their faces and bodies as they had to fight off the vicious winds that wouldn't stop bellowing towards them all. Yet they pushed on, cutting through the forests, towards a massive mountain that may have been linked to this all. Having felt a weird force coming from the mountain itself. He was drawn to move the group towards it. The march didn't seem to hold much hardship. As many of the monsters that normally would be around where either frozen to death or had long since retreated from this twisted winter. The foot of the mountain was laid out before them. The crisp winds were so cold it felt like it was burning over their fur. As it started to freeze over they made for a cave. Hoping to hide from the blasting winds for the moment. The cave was barren as was most of the events up to now. The friends and him sat around a quickly made fire that warmed the area. They all stared at it blankly. The cold having sapped so much energy from them. His mate having brushed up close to him as she nuzzled in. Resting her head under his chin. While the others where doing their own business. They all asked him the same thing that night before they took to rotating sleep. “Don't rise us up. If we die...don't bring us back. Let us rest.” And with each pass he promised them it all. To never do it, and most of all, they all smiled and laughed. Talking about how when they would finally finish this off they could all return home and put this behind them. How they could raise their potential families and teach them about the migrations and the northern winds. With the beauty of the dancing lights in the sky. It would be their last time talking. Their last spoken words of joy...for their next steps would bring forth so much more.. The climb up was as treacherous as it was to just get there in the first place. Each step felt like their strength was being stripped away. Each breath a battle as it was so cold that breathing the air was a challenge. But they pushed forth. Helping one other, approaching higher and higher as the voices began to echo. Commanding as they seemed to rush around the mountain. As if to make a hurricane like eye above it. And they were all watching them. Their pale like ghostly bodies. Moving like the air itself. Seeming to suck out the life from everything that stayed. It was them, those where the ones they had to kill. They where sure of it. And so began the vicious battle. One they never had a chance at winning. Not for they were lacking in strength. No, they lacked in the understanding of what they truly were fighting against. With each colliding blast, a shock wave that would shake the mountain. With each hoof collision was a chill that rippled throughout the air. With each action seemed to bring forth more of their power. And sap away their own. The winter storm didn't stop, it was getting more powerful with each moment and eventually had begun to cloud up everything. They finally moved to attack. Targeting Winter before any of the others. However, his mate had decided that he wasn't to be hit with the seemingly crystallized winter like blast that fired towards him. She took the blast head on, blocking it with her body as she fell the the ground he screamed out in fear as he held her the best he could. She began to turn cold as she looked up to him. Smiling one last time before hugging him and passing. His gaze shifted upwards towards them out of rage, tears would have been dripping from his eyes if it wasn't for the fact of it being to cold for it to even occur. He charged forth. Yet as the battle continued, each of them would begin to fall. Each one moving to sacrifice one other to save one of them. In the end, he was attempting to save a friend by firing off his own blast, hitting the winter one which managed to seem to at first destroy it. Instead, however it lead to a barrage of ice spikes slamming into his friend. His blood painting the snow with red as the entities laughed. Looking to turn to him for a moment. Where he roared in rage as he charged forward. The silver color of his aura seeming to dance all around him as the ground seemed to erupt outwards with undead. The corpses moving forth as they moved to block the blasts themselves. Taking on the hits as they seemed to block the ghost like entities from being able to fire at him. All the while he began to make a make shift raft and placed the bodies of his friends on it. Tieing up the harness, all with bone and other materials that were left behind. Covering them with the linen cloth. Until a crack was heard as the ice spike made it through. Slamming into his side gashing his thigh open, and he moved forward to run. Limp running down the mountain with his friends corpses in turn behind him as he held them all onto it. The corpse well being used to hold off the blasts as best as possible. All the way down the mountain till the cave, and past that till he ran as far as he cold. The blood freezing over on his wound. He finally slowed as he reached the farthest part of the fjord. Stumbling into the snow as he pulled them forward. The corpse of one of his friends falling out before he put them back into make shift bone sled. The sound of voices seemed to dart before him. He knew that his own escape was something of dreams but he couldn't get over it. Even with the voices, seeming to come from a distance before. He began to cry as his body slumped into the snow. Everyone he loved, all his friends and his mate had all died in order for them to just fail. He couldn't run with them anymore. Couldn't be with them anymore. And he wasn't going to go back on their word...no one was going to take them. He would bring them back home. Bring them all back to their families if he needed to. His eyes began to feel even more heavy now, as his head nodded forward for a moment. No he couldn't sleep. He had to get up and move. Worse case he would have to find another cave of some sort. He forced himself up. His tears that did manage to come out freezing on his face as he pulled forward. Their dead bodies were heavy. Pulling back on him as they would gain weight from the ice. But he didn't see it like that. They were merely the weight of his failure. His lack of ability to save them. He refused to use his undead in the fight in order for them not to see him as weird. He didn't know why he even thought that...if he had before maybe..for clearly his disintegration spell didn't work. He pulled more, as his bloodied left thigh burned and he kept pushing forward. Nothing would stop him from pulling them home. Not even death he felt could, as he would occasionally stumble. The voices became louder after many more hours of marching. Maybe they sent a rescue party, or relief? He would think to himself as he would continue down his path. Each step being another towards what he hoped was a releif of some sort. He was just looking for a good place to rest. Before moving on. A group of three appeared from the blizzard. They seemed to be kind for the most part. As they were talking to one other. Their linen clothing covering their body as they continued to walk down this path. Whispering to one other. “We have to make sure it ends now.” Was the words he heard before speaking forth to them. “H-Hello, can you please help me. I'm trying to get back to the town just south.” He was barely to pass the words from his mouth. The cold had sapped so much from him he watched them. As they approached more towards him. They were from his village. As they got closer he could tell whom they where. The baker, a black smith and of course the scout. They moved even closer to him. “Of course we will help you. Just let us take this off you. We'll be sure to pull this. You seem tired.” The scout stated. Her green eyes seeming to gleam as she fluttered her Pegasi wings. And with a light gesture she took off the harness he was holding and pulled it herself from him. As he almost stumbled from the weight being taken off from him. He wasn't fully able to keep himself up. His eyes hazing over as the two others rushed him, he couldn't do much to react as he was thrown off the side of the cliff. He watched their eyes as they all smiled as he flew over the cliff side. Falling to his brutal death. His hooves would slam against the ridges as they would tear chunks out of them, his body getting gashed open. As he felt each blow from the rocks sticking out the mountain side of the fjord. And the cracking noises that followed by some of his bones ripping through his flesh told him of all the information he needed to know. He was going to die...that was fine. In some weird feeling he was fine now. He knew if anything they would surely bring the bodies to village. They would at least see their children once more before they would be buried. Sure he would have a blank spot. But that...he was doomed to be alone. No matter what, his friends all died he had nothing left there. His parents barely tolerated him...nothing mattered. “Cut up the bodies. We can't risk them being brought back. Winters Breath, make sure he's dead Jubly.” One of the voices stated. Why did he hear this? He was far from the mark of being able to hear. Resting dying on the floor of the fjord. His body couldn't move. But he couldn't let this happen. Never....he was tired of looking at their potential. How good they could be. He gave them everything, ignored all the signs...if they wanted a monster...he would give them one. No one was going to mutilate his friends, his love. NO ONE. His cutie mark seemed to glow brilliantly in color as the his silver like aura danced around his entire body. And with a loud roar he pulled his broken neck forward. His horn ringing with nothing but solid silver like color before the blast was fired from it. The beam cut through the unsuspecting Pegasi, slicing her entire body in half as her guts spilled forth to the ground her body crashing not far from him as the earth around him began to shake. Tears of blood raining down his face as he turned his consistent beam forward cutting into the cliff side of the fjord. The rocks being cute threw as they are incinerated from the contact of the beam as he continued to carve out the fjord. Each motion to get them away from the body and causing a rock slide down towards him. He fired of blast after blast from his horn destroying the rocks when he finally found the bodies of his friends he brought them down to his side. Though, the area around him was now covered with rocks from the massive cliff side now missing it's normal fjord. Having cut off more then enough to fill it. The bodies were laid about. So he could see all their faces. Though one was slightly cut up from the blade that would have cut into them. His gaze turned towards the corpses of two. The third was still alive. As a dark twisted grin grew on his mouth. His teeth having changed from the dark magic he had used. Canines lined his smile as his Blue-grey eyes watched the man. His neck wasn't even turned naturally, broken it looked to the man who was trying to move away. “Oh...where do you think you are going, Mr. Cake...” He stated, as the near by corpses of the Jubly and the blacksmith twitched and rotated around. Sliding, twisting or stumbling towards Mr. Cake. “Please...stop.. We were...we were just listening to orders....” “I don't care about your orders...you have harmed so much, and tried to destroy my friends...i will not forgive you..” The bodies continued to the earth pony as he tried to move before his legs were cut off at the knees. The silver beams making sure it would work. “M...m...monster!” “Yes...yes that's what I am. I am the death you all were so scared of. The death I tried to never be.” He returned as the two descended upon their former brother in arms and began to tear him apart. Ripping his body to shreds before turning around and moving towards him. The screams of the man, having died down after they had finished, his groans were that of a now new complacent member of his undead army. “They will all pay...for merely the thought...for all those years of trying to kill me, poison me. They all need to die...they will all serve me in end, and then they will see..The monster they wished to see. I am sorry my friends. This would have never happened if they just...would have left you out of this.” He voiced as he closed his eyes as the undead moved towards the corpses of his friends. Moving them to the side before they began to work. More undead coming out of the ground from varies things that died as they moved towards their new master. He was not going to let this pass...but first...he'd have to get out of this Fjord.
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  17. Trying to think if i should put up a nice loose background for the main character of the FF i'm writing, write it like a evolving profile. hmm hmm

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  20. Time to figure out how i want to start this story and play out the character. Hmm...maybe i should work on my lore sheet too? Hmm...

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