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    Season 8, Episode 8: The Parent Map

    When the planning committee was first mentioned, there was a moment of hope that we were getting an episode dedicated to city administration. And then that moment ended. That aside, for whatever reason I enjoyed this episode more than most, if not all, episodes in the last couple seasons. The "biggest" issue I had was probably that the message seemed not very applicable to the "target audience" of the show. It seemed to emphasize the different parental relationship when the child becomes an adult—as opposed to, say, "Forever Filly".
  2. Hi, y'all. I'm Weirdo. I was bored one day last November and decided to watch MLP:FiM to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately I was hooked after 5 minutes. I only-somewhat-intentionally put off interacting with the fandom till last month, when I found EQD through DeviantArt. I liked the site and the look of its community, so I've stalked the forum and Discord for the last few weeks. Decided to put off actually posting here till I had some idea what I would be doing. >.> You'll most likely only see posts occasionally from me, usually containing snark and/or a pun, but nonetheless, hi.