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    The Banned Game

    Banned for not having a backup garden hose for me to steal- I mean, borrow
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    Continue the Sentence

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    The Job - OOC Thread

    I was originally staying in the spot while looking up and down the street, but the post saying I was gone caused improvision. Zolin's imagination seems to be going wild while waiting... Maybe next time, he'll stay away from the heavy boxes and just swing his hammer- Oh wait, that's how the alley got destroyed. "You can't prove I did it!" What, did the butterfly mafia try to birdnap you then? Did you get bored and fight an imaginary dragon? We may never know, but it definitely involved shenanigans.
  4. recentteen14

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    He had done it. He had found the item that could save the universe, the one that only the hero could wield! He hefted it above his head... Where it promptly slipped out of his arms and conked him. In retrospect, this box was VERY heavy... Maybe there was something still in it? Well, Zolin knew not to do THAT again. He left the box laying on the ground and left the alleyway he was in. Hopefully, nobody would mind the overturned box... Or the overturned trash can... Or the trash- yeah, he should get away from the alley. He went back to the bar, conveniently just around the corner, now sporting a banana mask on his head without realizing it.
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    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Zolin, in the meantime, had tried again to get the butterfly. Unfortunately, he managed to net himself after it flew out of reach, prompting him to go back to sulking. Looking in the window, he saw a plant next to the cowboy. Huh, wonder where that came from? Well, it couldn't be too important. Probably didn't notice it on the table and it had been moved to make room for their drinks... Though that WAS an odd looking plant. Shrugging, he looked up and down the streets to see if something else could distract him in the meantime.
  6. recentteen14

    The Job - OOC Thread

    An asshole character... With my character acting like a kid... If the ship isn't in flames by the end of this, it'll be a miracle Fern, on the other hand... Why do I have the feeling this is going to turn into a small animal/insect killing competition? Least if Zolin can peel her away for long enough. Also, butterflies are evil. I will begin plotting their downfall immediately.
  7. recentteen14

    The Job - OOC Thread

    Missed coconut throw turns into the most impossible Rube Goldberg, which saves the party and takes out a group of enemies? Yeah, definitely possible. Really depends on how Badshot feels at the time. "I DIDN'T DO IT!"
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    The Job - OOC Thread

    Think I'll keep him away from alcohol anyways if possible. After all, it's a really bad thing to think you can fly as an Avian- considering the towers you find on various worlds, it would end messy. If there's no real lore on longevity, I'm not going to go guessing all over and just assume it's a really bad idea. Then again, they may just get together and warble when drunk... Who knows? Maybe that will happen someday.
  9. recentteen14

    The Job - OOC Thread

    Come to think of it, what's the legal drinking age in space? I'll have to look into that... In any case- decided to not bring in the bar fight waiting to happen, though that NPC cowboy is going to have fun later. As for the butterfly... Food is food, and I made a Space Quail. It's bound to happen. (Wikis Quails) Huh, migratory. I really did make a Space Quail without even knowing it. Now all I need is an excuse to sing the song of my people.
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    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Zolin just sat outside the bar, sulking. Not his fault he was too young to drink, and mom always said never trust bars... They were full of seedy jerks, like his dad. Stupid dad. Named him... Well, no matter. He could always entertain himself by looking at all the funny people in the window! He looked inside to see his new friends talking with the cowboy they were looking for. Hopefully they would all share the ship for a long time- there were bound to be some good cowboy stories! For now, though, Zolin settled for waiting. He could be patient... He could be- BUTTERFLY! Dinner came early!
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    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    Rolling his eyes, Zolin put his coconut away. "Fiiiiine... But I'm going to hit something with it, moving targets just sound like the most fun."
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    The Job - OOC Thread

    Coconuts ARE throwing weapons, so yes- if Zolin gets the chance, he WILL nail the guy with a coconut.
  13. recentteen14

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    "I'm Zolin Ixtli! I love to explore new worlds- being stuck on one for a time suuuuucks! Nice to meet you all- and thanks for telling me who to target! I've got just the thing for it..." With that, he rummages in his inventory and brings out a coconut. "Always liked a moving target, they're fun to play with!"
  14. recentteen14

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    "A remote planet? I'd love to see that! Just think of all the new stuff we can find! It's just... I don't have a ship. Last one I rode kinda... Exploded. How was I supposed to know that shoving bread in the slot would cause the ship to self destruct! I thought it was supposed to be the toaster!" He looked quite cross at this, and trailed off into muttering about how spaceship designers were lunatics bent on blowing up anyone who stepped foot, paw, or claw in them.
  15. recentteen14

    The Job - OOC Thread

    Let's see how long it takes before I smack myself for making what is essentially a kid running around a city for the first time. I have the feeling I'm going to regret that choice, but then I realize I could have made him MUCH worse quite easily given my track record.
  16. recentteen14

    The Job - Starbound Roleplay main thread

    A light blue Avian fluttered down the streets, or at least tried to. He is seen poking his head into every stall for a moment before moving onwards. Eventually, he finds an alleyway, and doing what any curious bird would do, he entered. He then hopped back out, then in, a few times, before tiring of his little game and going to check it out for real. If one were to follow him, they may hear a cry of "What's down this alley?" Or "Holy feathers, you're old!" He seems to have no filter on what he says, and an awkward silence fills the alleyway he is currently in.
  17. recentteen14

    The Job - Starbound RPG Recruitment

    Name: Zolin Ixtli Race: Avian Age: 15 Gender: Male Personality: Curious, loves to explore, eager to fight Faction: Grounded, Explorer Description: A young, scrappy looking Avian trying to find his place in the universe. He shunned the so called 'god' of his people in order to find something he can really care about. Light blue feathers with a quail beak. Weapons: Brick-on-a-Stick Prime (Steel Hammer) Armor: Hatchling set Other Items: 2 Coconuts, Bug Net (Gotta eat somehow!) Savings: 3,423px
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    RP Idea interest check,

    Been a while since I've seen a Badshot RP, and it's also been a while since I've played Starbound. I'd be up for bringing in an Avian, potentially- will have to think on the race.
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    Roleplay 101

    I think we forgot to mention the 3 thread system we had on PF2... PLEASE SPLIT UP YOUR RP THREADS! It gets confusing quickly otherwise. The general system we had was this: Interest and recruitment - Basically what it says. This is the place to show off your RP ideas, to bring in other players, and to prepare for the RP. This is NOT where you start the RP or post OOC comments. Main thread - Exactly what it says on the tin, this is the RP itself. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO SHOULD POST IN THIS THREAD ARE THE PLAYERS AND THE DM! I CANNOT stress this enough, if you are not a part of the RP, then you shouldn't be posting here. OOC thread - This is the Out of Character thread. Everybody is welcome to post here, whether you are a part of the RP or not. This is the place for player to player interactions outside of the game, for people outside the RP watching it to comment, and for plans to be made. PM plans are also fine, just be sure to clear them with the DM ahead of time (Though if it's just collaborating backstory, you should usually be fine- just check with the DM anyways just in case.) Just remember to keep your out of character knowledge gained from this thread of otherwise out of the main thread- your characters don't know what you know, be sure to keep it that way. Unless you have a Fourth Wall Breaking character like me or the Pink mare... In that case, USE IT SPARINGLY. OOC knowledge in the game can really mess with a DMs plans or outright ruin the story. Be careful when and how you use Fourth Wall Breaks with a character like me, or risk being booted from the RP and having a massive retcon. Of course, if you're just using them to torture your character... Go nuts! Anyways, this is the system that worked on PF2 and we had few problems with it. I personally suggest you use this system and I know others would agree- single thread to hold all 3 types can and will cause problems down the road for you, and people WILL still think you're recruiting even if you're 50+ pages in. Anyways, that's my spiel, have fun RPing.
  20. recentteen14

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    Woah woah woah, TIME OUT. Just as a heads up- you may want to get the thread split up into 3 threads. Back on PF2 we did a system of Interest/recruitment threads to start, then a thread for the actual RP and another for OOC comments, player interactions, etc. I'd say repost the starting post in a new thread and ask a mod to split the actual RP into that- otherwise it can be a bit confusing to people just coming in thinking you're still recruiting (Had people force their way into RPs like that a few times.) Also going to be posting this in Roleplay 101, just because we've had problems when people haven't done this in the past.
  21. Welp, that commission was worth the wait. Love the group picture of all my OCs- and definitely can't wait to use them again!

  22. recentteen14

    OC Master List

    I told you it was coming! Was waiting on this to be finished to post here. Here is my OC group proper- Descriptions below! Forest Flare Splinter Shade Fluffy the Manticore Tempest Flight and Holey, Fastest Changeling on this side of the Everfree Zeke D. Narrator Kreeya the Phoenix Yeah, I'm kind of a dick with my OCs, but they make an interesting lot. I look forward to using them in RPs again now that their info is up! Fun Facts
  23. recentteen14

    Into the Dark Depths - A Sci-Fi RPG: Beginning Soon!

    Could always put in the reasoning of 'This character got upgraded over time due to their nature as a golem' Would make sense for them to get upgraded into a new body.
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    Friend in my Skype group yammered on nonstop about how good this game was for a few days, tried it out for myself the moment I got the money. Promptly loved the shit out of it. I am usually a sadistic bastard, and I can't bring myself to go for THAT ending after doing the other ending. Such a beautifully made game... At the same time, I REALLY want to have a bad time... OHSHI
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    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    Let the abuse begin!