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  1. 6 minutes ago, Celli said:

    I dunno, I haven't seen it as much.

    Then you also haven't seen a MAJOR change Nintendo is trying to pull compared to the other 2. Well, two. First, Nintendo has been offering the online services FOR FREE on every previous system. Second, they're going to do the free games like PS4/Xbone, BUT they're literally going to take away those free games at the end of the month rather then let you keep them like with the others. They offer a discount if you want to buy it after that month, sure, but the other 2 you just keep them for free anyways. What the hell.

  2. Nintendo, WHY. What the absolute hell are they thinking with the online service? Some things are a step in the right direction- like online multiplayer for older games that really haven't seen it outside of Netplay for the most part (Secret of Mana+Seiken Densetsu 3 for example) but taking the strategy of sub fees and free games? Ugh. Plus, why the hell are they taking said free games BACK at the end of the month!? I wanna see this system work, I wanna see it succeed. This strategy for online gaming? It's going to backfire the moment people point out that emulators with netplay is a thing en masse, I really hope they revise it.

  3. Somebody hasn't read the rules.


    No leeching off the user base. We ask that you respect our hard work building our community by not posting links just to lead people to your own website. That's not very friendly!


  4. "Finally, a nice wooded area away from everyone... Alright, time to rea-"

    "Hi, I'm Zolin! Who the hell are you?"


    Wait, did I just hear Zolin pop in? How the hell did he get here?

    "Ooh, purple upside down talking face! Why are you a purple upside down talking face?"

    ... I need an avatar to represent me, this is just an old one of me photoshopped to hell and back.

    "What's Photoshop?"

    "Don't ask, you'll just get a headache. Better you don't know. Why don't you go, I dunno, catch a bug or something? There's a swarm of parasprites over there."

    "Do they taste like butterflies? I love butterflies! Imma go catch some!"

    ... I need a drink.

    "Make that two, whatever monster you created there is going to drive everyone insane."

    "I heard his voice, he's around here somewhere..."

    *Sigh* Come on Forest, let's find a bar.

    "Ooh, a big kitty! I wanna keep it!"

    "What in the fluff are you!? Get off of me, I'm not a horse to be ridden on- and nor is Zeke!"

    At least they'll be occupied for a while.

  5. 3 hours ago, Rave Blitz said:

    I don't see how I'm leeching off the site. I'm only inviting people to join the forum, we need members. 

    Did you even go read the link to the forum rules page? Let me bring it over here then.


    No leeching off the user base. We ask that you respect our hard work building our community by not posting links just to lead people to your own website. That's not very friendly!

    Essentially, you are trying to steal members to join your own site. I don't know how it can be dumbed down further.

    Oh, and before you try to use it as an excuse, saying it isn't your site won't help your case- sharing a photo or video? Perfectly fine. Trying to get people to go to other communities? Not so much.

  6. "I think we're lost... Again."

    "Feh, how does this always happen... Wait, is that our text bubbles? Great, that explains why we're in an odd place, RT is at it again."

    "Does that mean he's actually going to- wait, why can I talk? What's this around my- I can talk! Oh, joyous day!"

    And so, our tortured OCs found themselves wandering into the- OW!

    "Guys, he's over here! Or at least, the forum version of him is... Either way, we can interact with him."

    Wait, WHAT. I didn't sign up for- OW! Quit that, you ungrateful book horse, I'm trying to put you guys into a place where you can actually do things again!

    "Don't care, you engineered everything wrong with us, making at least half of us into tragic characters. You need to be bucked into next millennium as far as I care."

    "Are you sure? I mean, it IS out of character time. Or is it? I mean, Forest can wander freely, Splinter Shade doesn't have to worry about being arrested, and heck, Fluffy can talk! Me and Tempest aren't even sharing a body right now, why is this so bad?"

    "I appreciate it because it isn't bad, but I still want to kill him for making me a fourth wall breaker by default. I mean, he broke my legs the first RP he used me in!"

    "Wasn't that the RP that died quickly thereafter, and didn't the GM give you a clean bill of health-"

    Yeah, he did! I stuck him in a cast to try and separate him from Splinter Shade and-

    "Excuses, excuses! It was still my time to shine and you threw a boulder at me!"

    "My bad. I was hunting roaches in the castle and it got out of wing when Philomena joined in."

    "You weren't even created at that point, how could you have-"

    "BY THE POWER OF RETCON! Also your tail is on fire."

    "Feh, now I have to burn a water wand to-"

    Weapon Detected. Pacification Aura Activated.

    Umm, that one wasn't me.


    "Wait, I thought you were normally the one to torture him? What do you mean that one wasn't you?"

    That one was part of the thread. Huh. Guess his wands count as weapons and not utility items.

    "Does this mean my teeth and claws aren't affected? What about all of those hooves, or Forest's horn?"

    ... I'm screwed, aren't I?

    "Your words, not his. I'd suggest running. Look on the bright side, at least only half of your OCs are going to be out to kill you."

    "Does this mean we can get some real narration, or are we going to be stuck in this mode anyways when Zeke, Splinter Shade, and Fluffy manage to murder him?"

    "Guess we'll see when it happens. Knowing RT he'll probably find a way to keep going from beyond the grave, so let's just enjoy the show while we can."


    "Wait, tea? I should really sit down, all this chasing is going to give... me... You tricky son of a Gary Stu! Get back here!"

    "Dibs on his laptop."

    "This is going to be a long thread..."

    "Lead him over here, we'll corner him!"

    "Maybe if that phoenix would STOP SETTING ME ON FIRE!"

    "But this is more fun!"

    "Flying is cheating! Wait, I can climb the walls... NOWHERE IS SAFE FOR YOU!"

    Aw cripes, was hoping he wouldn't remember that. Huh, Badshot's dungeon? Well, anywhere is better then here right now. TO SAFETY!

    "I think any first impressions have been ruined in an instant. Way to go guys. I'm off to find a nice forest away from you."

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  7. So I made a red and black alicorn named Gary Stu, his powers are derived from a bunch of curses sealed into his body so he can no longer have any fun. He hates everyone equally and insults them for fun and profit.

    There, I broke every rule with no effort. Do I win this thread?

    I couldn't resist.

  8. Quite honestly though they're right- you could have easily kept this in the S6E26 discussion thread rather then making it into its own. In any case, do what I'm going to do: THAT EPISODE DOESN'T EXIST.

    In any case, asked for a thread merge, it's spoiling it for those who don't want spoilers a little bit by the title/tag and there's no reason to do so.

  9. *Hasn't watched MLP since the Tirek fight* *Sees huge tumblr rant* The hell did they do... This I've got to-


    WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO THE CHANGELINGS! Seriously, it looks like a 4 year old vomited play dough all over the changeling rigs and they decided to use them, they've absolutely wrecked all sorts of good headcanon, they've annihilated what made changelings unique in the first place... They literally ruined an entire RACE for this finale. I'm not normally a critic, but this? I'm usually pretty open minded, but THIS!? This is a slap in the face to literally EVERY changeling headcanon out there, any expanded universe, any OC... Giving love instead of taking it? It's a kids show at heart, but that ass pull is one of the worst I've seen. I could see 'love of my friends' powering up Thorax temporarily, but giving love for a perma transformation into... I don't even know how else to describe those alternate forms. Especially for Thorax, he didn't deserve that.

    In my eyes, this one doesn't exist. To hell with episodes like Mare Do Well being the worst, this just easily replaced that. I was willing to accept alicorn Twilight, didn't have a problem with that. I was fine with Flurry Heart, didn't have a problem with that. This ruined an entire race for no reason other then a half assed attempt to make them redeemable... When they didn't need it. They were a perfect set of villians to walk the line, some to be like Thorax, not liking what they have to do to survive and trying to find ways to coexist, the majority being evil love stealing bug ponies. Or desperate with no other options. There's so much that has been done with the changelings that has been awesome in other mediums, and this just screwed all of that. I may have stopped watching the show a while back, but coming back to see this? Kinda makes me glad I stopped. I don't mind a show going on in a new way, I get pissed when they destroy great potential in a stupid way- and they pulled exactly that in my eyes.

  10. 6 hours ago, Galacter said:

    So non-pony OC's are acceptable? I am not a pony after-all. ;)

    This is more of a general OC list for quick reference then anything, long as you don't do anything NSFW or the like you're fine. Hell, I've got a Manticore, Phoenix, and Changeling in my OC list here, non ponies aren't an issue. Heck non canon creatures aren't an issue either, though you should remember to look at what's allowed in an RP before you try to use one of those.

  11. 2 hours ago, Cyber Commander said:

    Can I ask what browser you are using? We've been running stuff with people actively in the Discord and this is the first I am hearing of an issue like this.

    Win7/IE11, been doing the same in Chrome to a lesser extent, has only been affecting EQD and now the forums since that ad was added. Haven't had issues with any other site, so not sure whats up.

  12. So, this will likely be laughed at by Sethisto and the others from EQD, but for the love of god CAN WE REMOVE THAT AD SPACE FROM HERE. That one sitting at the top of the page and lagging the everliving shit out of me whenever I visit this site now? Yeah, that one. That adspace is one of the reasons I stopped going to EQD- it lags the page somehow, whether adblock is there or not, to the point where I'm waiting a minute just to be able to scroll. Now it's here as well, and annoying me once again- adblock doesn't help, I don't know what you guys did to make it lag the whole page for so long whether there is an ad or not, but it's destabilizing the forum for me. This needs looked at/fixed, I really don't want to lose my browser for a minute at a time every time I visit the forum, possibly longer if it resets the page, or lose the forum. The lag from it was stupid on EQD, and it's unbelievably stupid here.

  13. Zolin looked at the carnage all around him. Something within him snapped as he likened it to a group of Grounded Avian fighting for survival. He pulled out his hammer and charged straight into the group of guards, yelling the call of his people.

    "QUACK- I mean- Darn it, messed that up. Roll with it. QUACK QUACK QUACK HAMMERTIME!"