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  1. endrance00

    LFG- Warframe

    Newbie looking for group play with
  2. hello call me sam I'm new to League of Legends I'm only level 10 it's really boring if we have no one to play with that's why I'm looking for a group Na
  3. endrance00

    League of Legends NA group

    hello call me sam nice to meet you guys I'm a new League of Legends player looking for casual group of plays for LOL if you want to play with me drop me a message
  4. just start my very own YouTube gaming Channel it's new and it's not perfect upside is I upload everyday so I decided to see if I can get any support from Fsg community right now the only thing I'm playing is OverWatch and League of Legends but if you guys have any please if you have any game suggestions tell https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGyX0d4l_Jdc8J2KvCpcNWg
  5. endrance00

    New OverWatch Clan cybertech

    Hello call me sam nice to meet u guys not too long ago I posted here if you guys were interested in make OverWatch Clan and I got tons of positive reviews so I decided to make a sign-up page here (Optional Name) Battlenet name Age Time zone Favorite characters : :Mic yes/no Gaming experience And then little about you
  6. endrance00

    League of Legend friends ?

    I just started playing and now looking for a couple of good friends to play League of Legends with maybe teach me the ropes of the game I'm really reall new
  7. I'm starting to see a lot more people play over watch so I'm suggesting maybe we can get together and build on it may be a little clan and I know the game doesn't support Clans yet then how about just a group of friends playing OverWatch if you guys think it's a good idea maybe we can build something?
  8. So what's your opinion guys about OverWatch new Golden guns and overwatch ranking system
  9. endrance00

    OverWatch Clan ? Maybe we can build it

    Anyone still playing
  10. endrance00

    Blizzard's new Titan OverWatch

    quick question what's everyone's opinion on OverWatch ?
  11. endrance00

    World of Warcraft

    you guys were thinking about picking a guild?
  12. I'm trying to get a leveling group together if anyone is interested please leave a comment below
  13. endrance00

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    question anyone playing Tom Clancy's The Division if you are I'm thinking about making a Squad if anyone's interested post here
  14. endrance00

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    question anyone playing Tom Clancy's The Division if you are I'm thinking about making a Squad if anyone's interested post here
  15. endrance00

    Tom Clancy the Divison

    yes 100% what are you play it on shabafa
  16. endrance00

    Blade and Soul!!

    Blade & Soul is coming out this week so im very curious is anyone from the community going to play ?
  17. endrance00

    World of Warcraft

    So basically will be like the Tea Party from log horizon only coming together when we need something done cool I'll make a Skye Group main focus farming apex crystals doing dailies and time walking dungeons Mountains and and transmog runs if you think that's a good idea add me on skype username endrance00
  18. endrance00

    World of Warcraft

    what server are you guys on
  19. endrance00

    Blade&soul F2P

    quick question how many of you are going to play Blade & Soul when it releases for anyone who doesn't know what this game is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UgitrnkkTE
  20. endrance00

    Blade&soul F2P

    I didn't mean to.sound angry or mean spirit lanten I apologize
  21. endrance00

    Blade&soul F2P

    I never once said it was going to be released in two days and I was just asking if anyone was going to play spirit lantern one more thing the alpha is out right now on Twitch
  22. endrance00

    hello just a question

    question anyone here play destiny
  23. endrance00


    let me start off by introducing myself Name: davidAge:28location:North AmericaMy mmo history is: World of Warcraft Star Wars The Old Republic Elder Scrolls online wildstar Ragnarok Online league of legends Games I'm playing right now to kill time wildstarif you wish to play with me in blade& soul or wildstar hit me up on skype :my usename endrance00 but if you already have a group going i join im just trying to make a fun social gameing group or join one or like i said hit me up on skype or post below