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  1. Suddenly, the Zerg unfroze, its momentum carrying it slightly forwards, toward the now immobile shadow orb. It retained its curiosity over the psionic projectile, but something else had grabbed its attention. The creature looked around its surroundings in curiosity, staring at the stationary figures and individuals within the hub. Slowly, it began to explore the new frozen world, completely devoid of sound except the soft taps of its feet on the strange grey floor, and the creature's own shallow breaths.
  2. hello nice to meet you ive seen you around in the casual roleplay

    1. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      wait I remember we've met I'm sorry for that it slipped my mind

  3. Despite the large sphere of darkness travelling toward it, the alien felt no fear. Hardwired by years of genetic engineering, it stood its ground, even slowly approaching the strange source of Psionic energy, twisted though it was. Regardless of consequences, the Zerg stared unblinkingly at the orb, and began to run toward it. (The Hub has been established to prevent violence, btw.)
  4. Sensing the powerful forces blasting the area outside, the Zerg paused in its attempts to obtain more caffeine. Struggling to keep itself centered, it shook its head vigorously, trying to remove the sudden impulse. Unsuccessful, it shrieked, howling into the air before dashing toward the source of magic.
  5. In the kitchen, the Zerg suddenly noticed a very familiar scent. One that as of a few seeming hours ago, had taken a higher precedence over the scent of blood. Immediately, it leaped at a metal panel in one of the walls, denting it and popping it off the access port. It proceeded to break into the complex machinery leaving sparks and pistons all over the floor.
  6. (Shh, don't give me away! ) The Zerg was currently following the little group as closely as it dared. It had wanted to pounce on the recently-healed colt much sooner, but a decent-sized drench from the fountain nearby had doused its excitement. Instead, it had passed up a golden opportunity and now had to find another in the open crowded area of the cafe. Instead of instantly blowing its cover, the Zerg creature had moved to the back entrance, and was now trying to find a way into the locked door. Seeing no obvious solutions ater a couple of minutes, it tried the best method it knew. Bashing the door in with brute strength.
  7. The Zerg creature was currently surveying the scene from within a nearby bush. It had taken quite a bit of time for it to reach that position, after becoming a whole lot more cautious after its near-discovery. However, the scent of blood was way too enticing for it to give up, and it now watched the injured colt with hungry eyes. Slowly throwing caution to the wind, it gradually emerged from the bush, preparing to pounce. Its yellow eyes locked with the colt's for a second, before he was lifted into the ground by a golden aura, and let down with a distinct lack of wounds. The flashy display startled the creature, and it hopped back into the cover of the bush. Its eyes continued to stare however, and drool flowed out of its toothed maw. (Kinda cool to see a couple of new names in this little community. I wonder how many joined since my hiatus? Unfortunately the rest of the community seems a little dead. Hope things pick up soon.)
  8. The Zerg creature recoiled from the stick the human threw nearly right at its feet. As it shirked behind the conveniently-placed rubbish bin, it carefully listened for signs that the human had turned away. Its hard tail slowly scraped against the wall behind it, adding onto the barely-perceptible ambient sound in the alleyway.
  9. The Zerg creature stalked the keyblade-wielding human, staying within the shade of the trees lining the streets. Cocking its head, it leaned in, trying to make out what the human was saying. (Yea... Good RP times were had. My call for revival didn't seem to bring back the original contributors though.)
  10. hello nice to meet you my friend

  11. The Zerg paused in its actions, cocking its head up as if hearing a distant call. Turning its eyes toward the spreading net of light in the sky, it quickly started running to the source.
  12. Unamused by the Long period of inactivity, the Zerg decided to occupy itself with burrowing into the soil around The Central tree. Dirt and roots flew every which way as the Zerg tried to burrow without any of its preceding digging tools. Soon, a larger mess of dirt than had the right to exist was splattered all around the clearing, staining the otherwise-immaculate floor. (Seriously though, BE REBORN!)
  13. Spotting the new human at the table, the Zerg creature almost jumped it, before recalling the presence of the armoured figure it had unsuccessfully engaged. Deciding to avoid risking another attack, it resorted to snarling at the seeming Terran civilian.
  14. The alien struggled in a panic as the Unicorn levitated it, clearly unfamiliar with such ability. It did feel a power similar to those the higher Zerg organisms possessed, however, and decided to accept and follow this four-legged creature. It left a parting hiss against the hulking giant, and quickly decided to encourage its ride to leave. Which it bid by biting its mane and tugging it in a different direction. Thankfully, it had lost most of its teeth. Otherwise, the soft flesh of the mammal would have been torn open immediately.
  15. (Tis' fine, Dear Sir Knight.) The Zerg, product of careful genetic engineering, deadly biological weapon... Squeaked as it was lifted single-handedly by the metal Guardian. Sensing it's vulnerable position, it hissed and squirmed, trying its utmost to free itself. With its deceptive strength, it almost did. The alien eventually settled on trying to gnaw its way out of the metal vice that was the construct's hand. It's dangling, thrashing tail nearly swatted Fern's face.