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    What Makes You Cringe In TF2?

    People who play solely for the trade aspect, the Crateconomy, people who complain about weapons, Unusual weapons, majority of team comprised of snipers / spies, Pyros who don't / don't know you can extinguish burning teammates, facestabing, I could go on.... But I think that's enough.
  2. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Things have calmed down a bit. Not quite as bad as it was on day one, if anything this is pretty accurate representation of the community right now : Yet I can't loose the feeling this "We'll deal with feedback once crimefest is over" is just an excuse to weasel themselves out of actually doing anything. Just a way to distract the people and avoid having to create an actual solution. Also sounds like they want to make some sort of compromise, which I believe we've made far too many with Overkill since the Hypetrain event.
  3. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    IKR?! Whole thing is a huge flip off, they're passive-aggressively telling us that crates are here to say. "HEY GAIS! I HEARD YOU HATE MICROTRANSACTIONS AND CRATES SO HERE'S A HEIST WHERE YOU GO SAVE THEM BECAUSE OVERPRICED DLC EVERY 2 MONTHS ISN'T ENOUGH FOR US! <3" As for Wolf, basically what Apple said above. The VA for Wolf used to be a dev at Overkill, but he recently left the company so OVK seem to be convinced "taking care of Wolf" is a better idea than redoing his lines with another VA. Weather they'll kill him off or send him on a trip to the slammer is hard to tell, but if the Road to Crimefest is any indication they'll probably be replacing him with Clover or maybe Sidney. He's also the character with the least amount of lines.
  4. Skyrazer

    S5 Episode 19 - Discussion

    Show continues to express its self-awareness through Pinkie. Wow, was she blunt during that scavenger hunt, hah! Overall thoughts : It's a Pinkie Pie episode hilarity and visual gags are guaranteed.
  5. Skyrazer

    Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared 5(DHMIS discussion)

    What.... the.... heck... did I just .. I.. I don't even... I'll uh... just go now...
  6. Skyrazer

    Yes or No

    Naah, It's Bacon pancake time! Aye or Nay?
  7. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Overkill confirmed for worse than EA? Also this new heist is just.. Wow. Really? It's like they're telling us the microtransaction rubbish is here to stay.
  8. Skyrazer

    Choose A or B

    Sci-Twi, no idea why. They're almost the same, but she looks cuter in glasses. Armor Piercing or Hallow point?
  9. Skyrazer

    Fun stories

    Payday 2 Joined a random game of Cook Off, went pretty well up until we ran out of ingredients for the 3'd time, but instead of escaping we got greedy and tried to cook more Meth. Instantly RNJesus decides he's had enough of us and everything hits the fan, within 10 seconds a black bulldozer goes in the house and downs our Medic, the other two went down to a sniper and the dozer respectively while trying to save the Medic. So the house has a tazer, one bulldozer and Celestia knows how many cops inside. I ditch the bag with ingredients I was carying and decide to rush in. I hear a cloaker's charge sound and my blood freezes. I can feel the impending doom as I turn around and see him charging at me.... ....and he missed. He overshot me barely and ate half a mag to the face. Still somehow on time managed to dodge the cops outside and the few inside and get our Medic up, he Inspired the other two up instantly. We ditched everything and ran for our butts right outta there.
  10. Skyrazer

    Shining Lights, even in ARMA

    I have no idea what I just watched but hell was it hilarious.
  11. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    But it's not really addressing the issue, if you can call it that (I'd prefer wildfire). I think this adequately sums up the crimefest thus far
  12. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    This update.... Overkill really bucked up this time.The weapon re-balance was great though, and the new modification screen is awesome. Crateconomy? I think the gif above sums up my feelings about it pretty well. Think I'll go back to baking some marshmallows over the raging inferno that is Reddit atm.
  13. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    It's finally done, and Crimefest starts today. Let the updates begin! True, Crimefest 14' did kinda do itself, wasn't really challenging or anything. As for the CO pack reward, that's definitely not part of the challenges, Almir already said it's gonna be released during Crimefest so people who have it will get it one way or another, hopefully they won't make a big deal out of it and rustle up the jimmies of people who don't have it. Then again it's probably gonna be something cosmetic anyway.
  14. Skyrazer

    Happy 5th Anniversary MLP

    You could say that again. I remember the time I picked up Season 1 like it was yesterday, *sigh* nostalgia.
  15. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Soon.. Honestly this should be the easiest one. And then... CRIMEFEST!
  16. Skyrazer

    S5 Episode 18 - Discussion

    Well that happened. Still shell-shocked from everything, so I'll probably post my actual thoughts on it whenever I manage to collect them from all over the room. Also, Hasbro, your Disney is showing again. Why do all the really important episodes have to be musicals, can't we have a 2-parter ._.
  17. Skyrazer

    Choose A or B

    Fire. Burn all the things! Also a lot of practical implications, like heating your tea. Sword or Shield?
  18. Skyrazer

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

    Yeah, the ending they kept seems to work best for now. It's very open-ended and lets them have a lot more freedom with the next movie. What worries me though is having SciTwi around is probably going to overshadow Sunset or vice versa, seeing as how both of them are technically Leaders you can't really have two in the same group without one overshadowing the other. But hopefully DHX will figure out a way to make it work, or may end up shuffling Sunset off to Equestria and replacing her with the Human world's Sunset just like they did with Twilight.
  19. Skyrazer

    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    Requesting this. Pretty pwease?
  20. Skyrazer

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

    Well, the deleted scenes are out, and holy molly they deleted a lot of good stuff. The whole Homesick Sunset subplot, and the Sunset / Sci-Twi duet was just amazing. Really hope they introduce that plot in the next movie seemed like she misses Equestria a lot from the deleted stuff. Though they did leave the movie's ending a lot more open-ended than what the deleted one would have been. Deleted Scenes Deleted Scenes with Audio Commentary
  21. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    We got almost everything done, with a whole day to spare! Woooho! Only thing left is the 30000 simultaneous people playing. EDIT : r/paydaytheheist and r/pcmr have teamed up to help complete the 30k players goal! Attempt will be this Saturday at 6 PM GMT / 2 PM EST/ 9 PM EET. Let's Nail this one guys and gals!
  22. Skyrazer

    Yes or No

    Yup. Bacon Pancakes?
  23. Skyrazer

    #1 Brony and Pegasister

    LittleshyFIM *ding*