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    It Appears that the forums are gaining some momentum

    I don't know his age, hence I'm not making assumptions whether he is or not. Fair enough.
  2. Skyrazer

    It Appears that the forums are gaining some momentum

    Spoooooooookyyyyy. Isn't it? Hey, wait a minute.. Why am I the younger one?
  3. Skyrazer

    Count to...

    Uuuhh.. Errr.... Oh, Ponyfeathers! UUUUUHM... ERRRRRR..... 2.5? ;_;
  4. Skyrazer

    BF4: one more chance

    I'm just sitting here. Being old fashioned and playing Battlefield 3. Honestly the CMC platoon there's got no activity at all...
  5. Skyrazer

    It Appears that the forums are gaining some momentum

    I feel you man. Us EU folks always have the short end of the stick when it comes to these things, don't we?
  6. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    First thing I though when I saw the 3 Trillion challenge Anywho. We're half-way there, sort of.. Woooo!
  7. That was... Not what I expected... Overall thoughts on the episode? I can sum that up to one picture.
  8. Skyrazer

    Equestria Girls 4 Confirmed

    FG Is honestly my fav one, it somehow managed to be beat Rainbow Rocks in my book. I really don't care who writes the new one, long as the quality keeps going up as it evidently does. And as long as in the end they finally bring Sunset back to Equestria. DO IT HASBRO! JUST DO IT!
  9. Oh boy, this is gonna be a long post... Your budget sounds about right for a high-end rig. Case looks nice and big so airflow shouldn't be a problem long as you do your cable management right The hard part is selecting parts that match, usually the end-goal is to have a well rounded selection of parts that won't bottleneck each other, so you can't really cheap out too much on any one part without paying the price (pun not intended) sooner or later. Motherboard's are very important so you need to match everything to the motherboard. Ideally I'd suggest you pick the CPU and GPU first as those will be the most expensive parts and where you should devote the majority of your budget, then pick a motherboard that supports those and finally a RAM that matches the board's specs. More expensive motherboards have fancier stuff like Overclocking options, RAIDs and various other nicknacks but that all depends on what and how you'll be using the PC. CPU (Socket), the RAM (DDR 3 or 4) and the GPU (Crossfire / SLI support) have to match to what your Motherboard supports. So if you pick an AMD CPU with an AM3+ socket, you have to have an AM3+ socket on the Motherboard, the same thing applies to the RAM. The Crossfire / SLI support is a bit more complicated but essentially only matters if you intend to run Dual GPU's like 2 GTX 980's or something, you'll need a Motherboard that supports SLI or Crossfire X for the AMD alternative and a pretty beefy Power supply to handle two GPU's running at the same time. As for the parts themselves I can recommend an Intel CPU, as they're currently leaders in Single-thread performance (most programs and games still run on a single thread). AMD's more focused on multi-threading but the benefits from that are tiny and only apply to heavily multi-threaded applications which are few and far between. The GPU selection is up to user preference. But you really only have two options : The Pro's for AMD are that you usually get the most bang for your buck, they have great performance, there's a lot of variety and Aftermarket options (Sapphire, Powercooler, Asus, etc) are much better than the stock versions by AMD. Cons are they tend to run hotter than usual, don't support some of Nvidia's specialized stuff like PhysX and some perform worse (depending on the model) than their Nvidia counterpart. Nvidia's side is more or less where you'd go if you need the most performance regardless of the cost. Pros for them is excellent performance, good operating temperatures and exclusive stuff like PhysX and Gameworks. Cons are generally the prices, as Nvidia's GPU's come at a ( in some cases very) higher cost than their AMD alternatives. Best method to pick between them is to compare their Specs and choose the one that fits witin your budget and is supported by your motherboard . The RAM is a bit trickier: Generally 8-16 GB of ram is plenty for Gaming so what you need to pay attention to is the Type of Ram (DDR 2/3/4) and the Frequency at which it runs. The type of RAM is very important otherwise the sticks you pick won't even fit into your RAM socket. If your motherboard supports DDR 3 (which is the standard these days as DDR4 is rather expensive) you need to buy DDR3 RAM. The frequency dictates the speed of the RAM stick/s ideally you'll want RAM sticks that support your motherboard's frequencies (they should be in the Mbo's specs when you pick one so keep those in mind). I said Ideally because the RAM will always work at a frequency that is supported by both it and the board it's attached to. Say you buy 16 GB of DDR3 Ram that runs at about 1600Mhz, however your motherboard only supports speeds up to 1333mhz, the ram will still work but it will be bottle necked by the Motherboard at only 1333mhz. Hopefully that cleared up... something Here's some helpful resources : PC Part Picker Coolermaster's Power Supply Calculator is very useful to see what kind of wattage you'll need for your PSU. Linus Tech Tips have some great videos on all things PC. /r/pcmasterrace are a good place to ask around about your build and get some answers. Beware though, the place gets a bit.. fickle at times.
  10. Skyrazer

    Hello there.

    Hello there good folks of FiG. I'm Skyrazer aka FaultyCode (on Reddit), pleasure to meet you all. Just recently started posting here, I'm not much of a forums person. What can I say? I'm a lazy version of the average gamer with a colorful gaming history who's also an avid cartoon horse and tech enthusiast. In most of my free time I'm either playing games, modding (mostly making ones for Payday 2 these days), reading fanfiction when boredom strikes or irregularly drawing. Aside from that I'm a Software engineering student so I write lots of code (may or may not cause spontaneous combustion and/or explosion/implosion ) and I'm a big fan of Archery. Mostly find myself playing Payday 2, Warframe (one of the old dogs from AsurO), Wildstar, occasionally Battlefield 3 and Garry's mod, though often I'll get hit by the nostalgia train and crack open something from the good old days like SWAT 4 and Evil Genius. So that's me in a Shellnut.
  11. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Hah...AHahahahhaah... IT BEGINGS, AGAIN!
  12. Skyrazer

    Wildstar F2P

    Really need to get back to this thread once the client downloads. Cursed Dorm Internet's sorta limited so I cant get the client. I'll post my name here whenever I manage to get on though.
  13. Skyrazer

    New Emotes! + Emote Requests

    EMOTES?! YOU KNOW NOT WHAT YOU HATH UNLEASHED! RUN now! While there is time!
  14. Skyrazer

    git hyp 4 bby

    Indeed. Well, we have Lauren? What can they even pull off to compete with that?
  15. Skyrazer

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    Let's do this! LEEROO- Wait, wrong game. FOR THE EMPI- Nope, wrong franchise.... Oh, buck it.
  16. Skyrazer


    Mastery 14 Trinity and Frost Prime main here. Been around since the start of open beta. Name's the same as in here, I'm one AsurO's leaders. Hit me up if you need any advice or things dead.
  17. Skyrazer

    git hyp 4 bby

    Woooooo, Autumn cup! Inb4 another /mlp/ vs /d/ , that match was pure annihilation.
  18. Skyrazer

    Gone but not forgotten.

    Gordon Freeman. :I Honestly, I really miss Evil Genius. It's a awesome game but sadly it's aged very poorly. I'd really love to see it expanded and in a new engine, sadly it won't get a worthy successor any time soon.
  19. Skyrazer

    First Day of Fall HYPE!!

    Honestly my favorite part about Autumn has to be all the rain we get over here,I love rainy days. Though my favorite remains winter. Not a huge fan of the cold, but there's just something very calming about walking home on a snowy evening with only the street lights to illuminate your path. Slow falling snowflakes, crunching snow under your feet, most people are inside hiding from the cold so the streets are mostly empty with the stray car or so passing by.
  20. Skyrazer

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

    Soon.... SOON... Soon... :3
  21. Skyrazer

    PAYDAY 2: FBI files is up

    Nice to see stat tracking is finally integrated properly into the game. Wow, never realized how much I use my Chimano Custom, 10619 kills, with the G3 coming in second at 6291 kills. Unsurprisingly Clover's my most played character at 500. Here's my code for your viewing pleasures : 76561197997457780
  22. Skyrazer

    My Littile Killing Floor

    Used to play a good bit of Killing Floor 1, got up to Gold level Medic, but I haven't touched it recently. Most of my friends stopped playing it so I haven't really had a reason to pick it up again.
  23. Skyrazer

    Post yer desktops

    Keeping it minimalistic.
  24. Skyrazer

    Equestria Girls: Friendship Games

    I'm honestly really excited for it. Never had much hope for this spin-off when the first movie was announced but it turned out pretty good (even though it fell flat in a few places). Rainbow Rocks took it above and beyond, so I have high hopes for this movie. Dodging spoilers is getting pretty hard this week, what with all the sneak peeks and whatnot, and I've honestly only seen the Intro and the four Shorts. So, here's hoping for another awesome movie. Hype train : Full speed ahead!