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    Hello there.

    HMMMM... *frantic page flipping* Oh. Wait. Never mind, wrong dimension, carry on. Silly Trixie. Sunset IS best horse
  2. Skyrazer

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

    237 bugs I'll never fix.
  3. Skyrazer

    Now EVERYPONY can be a hacker!

    Heheheh.. Even the Visual Studio one has a bunch of pony in it.
  4. Skyrazer

    Hello there.

    Who knows? Maybe I'm you in disguise! *Inception sound effect*
  5. Skyrazer

    S5 Episode 15 - Discussion

    Wow, they're really racking up the continuity this season. Regardless I think the episode was awesome, had me laughing through a good bit of it with Rainbow's little tantrums working in synergy with Rarity's narration and little zone-out moments. Rare's not the most focused pony to be a detective but she does indeed have the eye for detail. The only nitpick-y thing I have with this is that they really couldn't have made it more obvious that that was Spitfire's mother, they're like two peas in a pod, minus the age factor. You can really tell she's been the role model for Spitfire.
  6. Skyrazer

    Favourite TV shows/movies

    I can't list all of mine without causing a 32 bit integer overflow somewhere so here's my top 10 in no particular order Doctor Who Firefly / Serenety My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic Gravity Falls Farscape Avatar the Last Air bender / The Legend of Korra Ocean's Eleven Equestria Girls : Rainbow Rocks (For obvious reasons *cough* Sunset *cough*) How to train your Dragon Star Wars movies. Yes, all of them.
  7. Skyrazer


    Well, its just something my sleep deprived brain thought of after 10 minutes of staring down the Character Name prompt when I first started playing Spiral Knights. After a while the name just stuck and I got used to people calling me Sky, so I switched over to it everywhere. It probably has something to do with the fact I love aviation and space.
  8. Skyrazer

    Wildstar F2P

    Count me in. I've been on the Closed beta server for a while now and It's pretty great. I've honestly been wondering if there was a Pony guild in Wildstar, but never really saw one.
  9. Skyrazer

    Friendship is Violence

    That, was freaking hilarious.
  10. Skyrazer

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Hmm, my descent into Ponydom began somewhere around early 2012, not quite sure when exactly. See, back then myself and a bunch of friends used to run a Garry's Mod community with three servers under our belt(s) and had quite a bit of traffic through them, with a ton of Addons (mind you this was way, way before the Workshop or even Toybox became a thing and mods /aka Addons/ were harder to manage, install and configure). Though my first introduction to the show was around March from videos that were requested via the server's PlayX mod (It's basically what the Cinema gamemode is based on but it was still in its infancy back then), mostly PMV's and random clips from the show. Never really paid it much mind until some people started making a fuss, and by Celestia the regulars and some of the members could be a fickle bunch if they wanted to. That eventually lead to one of the co-leaders, a good friend of mine, to tell us that he hates ponies and start cracking down on pony related stuff, sometimes taking it as far as a ban. Naturally I loved messing with him, so I went around and lifted bans while he wasn't around and generally aided any Bronies who found their way onto our servers, as well as accept any videos they'd request just to tick off some of the regular people I didn't like (and believe me I don't just randomly hate people, you really have to work my buttons and be a complete flankhat). Eventually I tried taking it a step further and sent him pony pictures masked under tinyurl's whenever he got too worked up over it. In between looking for images to troll him with and the infamous YouTube recommendations tab that kept spewing out pony videos, because I had looked up a few for PlayX requests, I was slowly buried alive in Pony. So during Spring break of 2012 I was like "Alright, I've been seeing and using this stuff for ages, might as well see what all the fuss is about.". I downloaded Season 1, and just as the credits for "Friendship is Magic Part 2" faded in, I knew. I knew, I wasn't getting out of this alive. Three years later, absolutely no regrets. Somehow unsurprising, considering I've been an avid animation fan for as long as I can remember. And seeing how it's made by Lauren Faust cemented things even further, that woman owns my childhood. ._. As for the other questions, I'm Skyrazer (-"Ya don't say?") and I'm from Bulgaria (It's in Eastern Europe.) Fandom involvement? Well that's varied: I'm a rookie artist and do pony related modding, primarily for Payday 2, and I like to make up stories but never actually wrote a Fic.
  11. Skyrazer

    Who is best pony?

    Pfff, what sort of question is that?
  12. Skyrazer

    PAYDAY 2: Ask anything, learn everything

    Ah, good old Payday 2. First time posting here so Greetings good folks of FiG. I'm with the op on this, a lot of new people have come in over the last few sales and free weekends, and Payday's a game with a lot of.. kinks one has to learn. I too would be willing to lend a hand/hoof/drill/shaped charge/where am I going with this?! in teaching the ins and outs of Heisting... PC player here but I'd be happy to help or answer any questions regardless, it's the same game on all platforms anyway. One of my friends managed to rub a habit of his off on me and I find myself playing the low difficulty missions a lot recently, seeing if I can help any of the new players out. Either way, hit me or the OP up ( I'm almost always on Steam) or send me a message here if you need any help, I'll be around through most of the month until my semester starts. Cheers