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  1. Alright, Fan club or not, people are entitled to their opinions, whether you approve of them or not. If you have a problem with someone's views on things then you can feel free to discuss your disagreements in a calm and civil manner either in the thread or over PMs. I don't want to see people reporting posts here just because they disagree with the OP's or someone else's opinions on silly things like shipping. As long as your post is on-topic, following general rules and not trying to start trouble then it is perfectly fine.

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  2. Stellaris: Just got out of another 3-way war with the enemy federation and the Unbidden. Conquered half of one of their members and winning condition literally left me with one of their systems full of rebels :eyebrow: Still need to deal with the Unbidden but their fleet power is hard to match when the AI is too busy fighting each other.

    TLoZ: Majora's Mask: Half-way through the second stage in the Mountains area, need to get through to the actual temple.