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  1. 23sinks

    Yes or No

    No Are you glad im back? spoiler: yes
  2. 23sinks

    The shipping game

    i ship you back to china where you belong
  3. 23sinks

    Answer my question with a question

    Will there ever be a post in this forum exceeding my level of sheer comedy and hilarity?
  4. 23sinks


    Lol! Love to see more activity! :3 I don't recognize you we should talk I'm super nice :3 Ask Nepeta :3 get the fuck out of my sight :3
  5. 23sinks

    Yum! or Ewwwww!

    my dad puts it on watermelons subway
  6. 23sinks

    Rarity's New Home

    ima need sources for cute furry girl hmu\ alos fuck u rarity is bae
  7. 23sinks

    League Of Legends

    league is shit???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. 23sinks


    undertale is just some shitty game that tumblr kids get hard-ons for because they can relate it to their stupid mult-gender bullshit. just another stupid fad like that shitty ass mystery skulls video. anyone who plays that game is some retarded ass weeaboo lookin motherfucker who flocks to internet trensdsdsdsds
  9. I burnt my pair of tiro 15s while hitting some mad slides today :((((((((9

  10. 23sinks

    Hello Everypony

    games are for nerds and anyone who actually takes video games seriously is an actual degenerate. gtfo before i RKO you out, boy
  11. im going to grow out my shitty 15y/o beard and pick up fine ladies with my suave attitude and my intellectual intelligent pick up lines. fedoras are shit, but i do sympathize with a jauntily tipped trilby or nice fitted panama.
  12. 23sinks

    My Introduction

    leave no one wants you here tbh
  13. 23sinks

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars