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  1. 23sinks

    Yes or No

    No Are you glad im back? spoiler: yes
  2. 23sinks

    The shipping game

    i ship you back to china where you belong
  3. 23sinks

    Answer my question with a question

    Will there ever be a post in this forum exceeding my level of sheer comedy and hilarity?
  4. 23sinks


    Lol! Love to see more activity! :3 I don't recognize you we should talk I'm super nice :3 Ask Nepeta :3 get the fuck out of my sight :3
  5. 23sinks

    Yum! or Ewwwww!

    my dad puts it on watermelons subway
  6. 23sinks

    Rarity's New Home

    ima need sources for cute furry girl hmu\ alos fuck u rarity is bae
  7. im going to grow out my shitty 15y/o beard and pick up fine ladies with my suave attitude and my intellectual intelligent pick up lines. fedoras are shit, but i do sympathize with a jauntily tipped trilby or nice fitted panama.
  8. 23sinks

    League Of Legends

    league is shit???????????????????????????????????????????????????
  9. 23sinks


    undertale is just some shitty game that tumblr kids get hard-ons for because they can relate it to their stupid mult-gender bullshit. just another stupid fad like that shitty ass mystery skulls video. anyone who plays that game is some retarded ass weeaboo lookin motherfucker who flocks to internet trensdsdsdsds
  10. I burnt my pair of tiro 15s while hitting some mad slides today :((((((((9

  11. 23sinks

    Hello Everypony

    games are for nerds and anyone who actually takes video games seriously is an actual degenerate. gtfo before i RKO you out, boy
  12. 23sinks

    Operation: Vagabond Falcon

    if its not stance its shit get some negative camber, you domestic shithead driver wannabe
  13. 23sinks

    My Introduction

    leave no one wants you here tbh
  14. 23sinks

    Silly Forum Game: Avatars

  15. last boss defeated was me, as in im so good no one can beat me other than me, as in im a god, as in i would decimate ponuland
  16. 23sinks

    bape is so ass now

    what happened to bape honestly sum1 hold me pls
  17. 23sinks

    Stoker has arrived

    dirty bomb is literally the worst game to come out since brink
  18. the celmmmmmf is the best emote ive ever seen holy shit

  19. 23sinks

    Slap the user above you

    im slappin you cuz you a sorry ass thot who got a fuckin weak ass trap, now go get some bands im killin your sorry ass :3
  20. 23sinks

    Dress the guy/girl above you

    ima fit you up with some momma jeans and an angry birds t-shirt. for kicks ill toss you a pair of "School Shooter 11s"
  21. 23sinks

    Why Real Gamers Suck at Nintendo

    real, hard core gamer i can fully say that nintendo games are trash and for little girls who cant play true electronic sports. any casuals who challenge my idea you have permission to eat my ass and fight me in rumble
  22. i just got a pink iphone omg im so cute tbh :33333333333333333

  23. some indian guy was talking about foot fetishes during his presentation class, we're friends now :celmmmmf::celmmmmf::celmmmmf::celmmmmf::celmmmmf::celmmmmf::celmmmmf: