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  1. Jet Streak

    Slaptoon 2 Global Testfire

    I meant on site >3<. I probably should of clarified. I've looked but couldn't see anything(I may very well just be blind and missing it though.) Would you mind pointing me a friendly-ish direction to talk about it? I don't really know of any.( Sad, I know) -.-
  2. Jet Streak

    Mlp season 5 character quiz

    Nice quiz, but apparently I remember names as well as I spell... 35 of 80 I feel I set the bar a bit too high but I'm sure, with plenty of practice of course, some pony can beat it.
  3. Jet Streak

    Slaptoon 2 Global Testfire

    For those who don't know, Splatoons 2 is having an Open beta "Global Testfire" Anyone else interested in this? Also it's been 4 days, why is nobody praising/cursing the switch?
  4. Jet Streak

    What Item(s) You Wish to Have in Your Collection?

    Lyra plushie ... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sorry couldn't help it. Seriously though I'd love to have a massive plushie of any of pony. Every time I see a "life size" plushie I always get super jealous. Unfortunately, it seems that people only make them as pet-projects. TT^TT
  5. Jet Streak

    Equestria Girls Specials on Netflix This Summer

    "Netflix" Madness! How would I satisfy my need to hoard pony stuff by streaming it. Power to the DVD master race.
  6. Jet Streak

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    Actually I was hoping to get in splatoon but by the time I got round it, it seemed like splatoon was being left behind by Nintendo so I was kinda looking forward to a sequel. I was kinda hoping someone could give me some pointers or advice on the game before it rolls around. Sorry if I'm slightly high jacking the thread but didn't seem right making a second splatoon thread.
  7. Jet Streak

    looking to post something, shy

    Go for it, no reason to be nervous. This isn't like most the internet, I doubt anyone here would say anything horrible( or even kinda mean for that matter.) The most that will happen is somebody may offer a couple of pointers. Unfortunately I'm not sure how much help I can be, I've yet to ever make it past the first page of any book without pictures. But I'm sure somepony will be able to help.
  8. Jet Streak

    Hiya all

    "kind"... Well I guess that's one word for it. >3< Seriously though, welcome to the forums. I kinda get where coming from. I'm the youngest of 5 (1 sister and 3 brothers) and I was always looking over shoulder when I first started watching, terrified one of them would find out. Turns out it wasn't too bad though. 2 didn't care, 1 started watching it with me (still prefer watching on my own though.) and other responded the way I expected him too -.-. Anyway if looking to chat with some nice people you'll like it here. They even helped me cheat prepare for one of English exams.
  9. Welcome to forums Ganondorf8, Its always nice to see new faces around here...Even if you're not too new. Despite that I don't think I've seen you here before but I can be quite blind sometimes so worry about that too much.
  10. Jet Streak

    Hi everyone

    Welcome Magnus. Nice to meet you. I know you said you might not have any specific hobbies but I hope you still find something to talk about here.
  11. Welcome to the forums Kashubuki. Just an observation but you seem like a real ... "NUT". *Ahem* Bad puns aside I hope you enjoy your time here. The invincible Sir Jet, must politely disagree in the name of Mistress Fluttershy.
  12. Jet Streak

    Hello Games is being investigated

    To be fair, I like playing the game quite a bit and I think it is an ... ok game (I love playing it when I'm with a buddy to talk about what we're discovering.) BUT, I (and most of the other people who bought it by the look of things.) was fairly "annoyed" with the missing features. Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about them being investigated though. On one hand, people can't be allowed get away with slapping anything on a box to get a sale. But I still feel that they made a pretty good game. I just wish they did it the right way. -.-
  13. Jet Streak

    your favrite n 64 game

    My favourite is kinda super obscure BEHOLD: Mystical Ninja Staring Goemon's been sometime since I played it though.
  14. Jet Streak

    What makes you smile or cringe in other games?

    Smile: Ragdolls. in particular, floatey ones that let me do stuff like this. ( Please ignore me being a noob a pressing f7 not f5)