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  1. Derpy bird

    Little help finding a song plz

    That is an awesome song but not the one I'm looking for. but thank you a lot for sending it to me I love it
  2. I cant remember the name of a certain fan made song and my hard drive got wiped recently I've been wanting to listen to it for awhile and have spent the last couple hours trying to remember its name but cant. The songs about a pony who was imprisoned in stone by celestia a long time and he's singing about why he was imprisoned and stuff. the songs art is that of a stone pony with its head lower looking towards the ground or its feet with I believe the canterlot garden in the background. I believe the song was written a couple years ago as well. I haven't been able to find it on YouTube and I'm quite unfamiliar with equestrian daily's site to know its somewhere on here. if anyone knows the song I'm talking about plz let me know I want to listen to it again and probably get it back on my computer. Edit: I Belive the first line goes along the lines of "1000 years and (something days)