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  1. Have you ever seen the worry pluage? It's a thing that signals a fairy that takes all your worries away, I really want this for my axiety, even my mum too!

  2. I'm always bored, dont know what to post, don't know what to do! Any ideas? :sweetiebored:

  3. WolfyOwl

    Babs Seed's cutie mark?

    Silly hasbro, they forgot babs seed!
  4. Um, a few seconds ago I had a daydream where I go to sleep and dream about Harley Quinn being bullied so I raced to them and shove them in my way so I helped her get up and said "you ok babe?" (Why did I say that?) so then I almost kissed her and woke up looking like I had a heart attack, and I then said while getting up "I almost kissed Harley Quinn.." But then my mum woke up yelling "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAID?!?"


    so yeah, guess my mind is saying I think I might be bisexual.

  5. So, I have been recently looking for popular stuff today and I founded this thing that I could show everyone, it is an emotional communication toy called AMICA, it's for children with autism to help them understand feelings. It has feautures like social interaction, user personalization, multi-sensory simulation, pearant intergration, cause & effect and emotional development.
  6. My favorite song I have, it's just a normal song. 


  7. I just heard that mane-iac is actually brainiac and the place where the power ponies is actually metropolis and looks like I spotted a DC hero Easter egg in MLP!

  8. Love me cheerlie, it has beats I love
  9. I wish I had Harley Quinn everything! That just came up in my mind.

  10. WolfyOwl


    Why hello hello! I'm bisexual as well!
  11. I watched the suicide squad movie, it was the best!:giddy:

    1. leonbrony17


      I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  12. Thanks for the follow. :)


    Your new avatar looks great. :)


    *boop* :3

  13. WolfyOwl


    G'day mate, welcome to equestria daily, please enjoy your stay!
  14. I'm going to have a hair bun soon!

  15. WolfyOwl

    Tonsillitis agian....

    I have little bit of tonsillitis, luckily I have medications that look like strawberry milk and takes extra werid. I get to not go to school for a week and I'm lucky on Friday cuz I don't go to the sports carnival (BLECH) anyways wish me luck on my strong little immune system!