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  1. Sometimes when I listen to children of the night I think about being in my bedroom with cold wind and visable moon in the sky. in the room I have a little bit of light writing in my little unicorn journal,  writing in equestrian language pretending to be princess celestias student XD

  2. Back from school sleepout! 

  3. Share any vines that make you laugh hard, I have one which is this dog bark in a car I have a few more I want to share! You can also dare me to not laugh at a vine too! have fun with vines.
  4. does anyone have any good sizzling starts for my 1950s speech?

    a little help would great! :ponder:

    1. KennyTAG


      What's your speech about? Anything specific from the 1950s or is it the 50's in general?

    2. WolfyOwl


      My speech is just about 1950s, it's just that!:cookie:

    3. KennyTAG


      Oh okay. Start with. So the 1950's am I right. A lot of stuff happened, and things were done. Ya know what I'm talking about.

      Nah but seriously, another question I have is, what type of speech is it? Informative, persuasive, etc?

  5. How's everyone today?

    1. leonbrony17


      I'm pretty good. :)


      How are you?

    2. WolfyOwl


      I'm feeling much better with my tonsillitis 

    3. leonbrony17
  6. when Harley Quinn appears in a movie and someone is talking to me I'll be like uwakajcIXVS5HwxV6CB6dKIBQGHYj37tG21FLQMr

  7. Hi! Hope your good


  8. Good afternoon everypony:nnghaloo:

  9. hai! I'm staring to read dork diaries series now.

    my fav book is drama queen where Mckenzie (niki's enemy) takes over her diray.:celestia:

    i was like :dealwithit:

  10. WolfyOwl

    I have Arrived

    hi! Welcome to EQD! Speaking of dreams I ounce dreamed of being an inkling splatting every place and I stole a power egg crate and ran off. Anyways, enjoy your time here @Temperance!
  11. I completed the Splatoon 2 DLC octo expansion. I'm a beautiful octoling now :D

  12. Just saying Hi :D I'm a bit lonley right now and I always check my posts.

    1. KennyTAG


      Hello. I'm able to talk. What do you want to talk about?

    2. WolfyOwl


      Suicide squad? 

    3. KennyTAG


      I never saw that movie.