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  1. WolfyOwl


    Someone in forums is spamming Japan stuff in introducings and other forum topics! I don't know why but 2 people are doing it.. It's also in trading extage.
  2. Does anyone see a jappanise spam forum going on?

  3. WolfyOwl

    Hello there!

    Hi! Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your time here!
  4. WolfyOwl


    Hi, welcome to the forums! I sing very quietly when I'm around my friends, the song I mostly sing is heathens from suicide squad. And my favorite type of music is electro and dubstep. anyways have a great time!
  5. I really want this as my signature eL3W3SIzh9LhPX1wSJQdfyvZHALAVaUIUDgQ6gP2

  6. suicide_squad__mlp_version__by_osipush-d


    1. WolfyOwl


      At first I did not know what it was but as soon I thinked about suicide squad I noticed that the changing was el diblao Trixe was Harley Quinn, starlight was deadshot and discord as the joker. Now I thing killer croc could be king sombra, rainbow dash as Rick flag and katana could be Twlight sparkle

  7. How do you add photos on your posts or sigurture?

    1. leonbrony17


      You would have to post the photo on a website where you can post images. And then insert the link to the photo here.


      About signatures, i don't know.

    2. leonbrony17


      Also, if you have such questions, you should ask the moderators.




      They should know what to do. ;)


      And they don't speak in terribly broken English as i do. :P

  8. last night I dreamed about an earthquake, my pearents and I were handed a bucket of wax so we raced to our modern house garage in surfers paradise, there were cracks opening on the floor everywhere so I went to the 2 corner, mum and dad were in the 3rd and 4th corner and we survived. In the aftermath we lay down on the floor with wood that was cracked by the earthquake, I spreaded wax over the crack but the wax kept falling. Boom I woke up randomly. I searched this up on google and it said that there could be a change or losing your loved one, and I didn't want to lose my Harley Quinn obbsaion, it could also mean that your lifestyle could change too. I was pretty scared of the future of my life style (Chronophobia) soo any ideas?:wtf:

  9. Oh dear it's Friday the 13th, everyone hide your bananas!

  10. WolfyOwl

    Hello there

    Hello Froodoo! I'm WolfyOwl! Nice to meet you! Welcome to EQD! So you use steam? Thats amazing! Do you know Blocksworld? Hmmm what about.. VR chat? Or the Fnaf series? There's a lot of steam games!
  11. WolfyOwl

    Hello, I'm a new.

    Hello Josh! I'm WolfOwl, nice to meet cha! Welcome to EQD! i like music and art too! My favorite type of music is dubstep or electronic, I think I might try out EDM music see if I like it.
  12. WolfyOwl

    Introductions are overrated

    Hello WeirdoXVII! Nice to meetcha! Welcome to EQD! yea, everytime I'm bored I watch MLP, and when I'm bored on the Xbox... MLP ON YOUTUBE!
  13. WolfyOwl

    Threw off the veil, it's finally time...

    Hello XGRAVITYBLASTX! Welcome to EQD! Have a great time here!
  14. Hello! Welcome to EQD! I hope you have an amazing day!
  15. When I think about school this gets stuck in my head