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  1. Sonicbrony

    S5 Episode 15 - Discussion

    She is one of the mane 6 after all. Nothing like Applejack.
  2. Sonicbrony

    Hey, you there, read this. Hi

    *How to Brony intensifies*
  3. Sonicbrony

    Hey, you there, read this. Hi

    So far I'm enjoying the forum a pretty fair amount, but the set up isn't as good as some other forums I'm a part of.
  4. Sonicbrony

    OC Master List

    Name: Cosmic Flare Race: Pegasus Gender: Stallion Age: 17 Personality: Heart of gold, smart, clever/funny, leader type, jack of all trades, not great at talking sometimes, bad with ranged weapons, sometimes nobody listens, clumsy. Description (can be picture): Relatively tall and muscular, not too tall or muscular though. Night sky blue coat, emerald eyes, dark auburn mane. Stylish spikey mane and fluffy tail. Knees have faint calluses due to falling a lot. Cutie mark is the sun and stars around it. Backstory: Earned his cutie mark and name from breaking the record of highest flight done by a pegasus and being the closest to the stars above, he fell from the atmosphere in a painless, sonic boom inducing ball of fire. He finds the night sky calming and enjoys free falling because of this. He grew up in a dysfunctional family and instead of being weakened by such, he grew stronger and rose to become and amazing leader and fighter by enlisting in the royal guard. After some years in the guard he has become a captain and was told by a higher ranking officer to do something horrible, he refused and was exiled from the guard but the files say he deserted.
  5. Sonicbrony

    Hey, you there, read this. Hi

    Woah hey hey Everyone's a skrub here.
  6. Hey there.. Everyone. I'm Sonicbrony, nice to meet you, I'm mostly interested in meeting some cool people and some good forum RP. Buck. I don't know what to say, comment random things and we'll talk about it so you guys can get to know me.