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About Me

Bio in 3, 2, 1, let's jam.
I love anime. ^Hint hint
I'm a lazy piece of crap
I'm heterosexual and have a girlfriend.
My name is Hunter.
I'm a Brony(obviously)/ fan of many things.
I am fluffffffffffff.
I'm Canadian. Eh? Yeah, eh, that's right.
I love to play sports as well as video games.
Despite being young I'm actually pretty smart and mature.
Call me anything I guess, dickwad even works but my girlfriend usually calls me that.
I feel like a lot of people try to be unique and different and explain themselves well on their bios but all I have to say is that I'm unique no matter what, even if you clone me and throw my clone into an exact replica of my life, he'll never really be me.
I'm here for you, even if I just met you, I'll be your alpha, I'll listen to your problems and help you out with stuff, I may be young but I have the soul and mind of a wise old sage.