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    meeting and talking to new ppl i also like games and art.............and dont forget ponies :3
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  1. Midnight storm

    im back!

    thx! i was know as TG SP1TF1RE but that was moths and months ago cx
  2. Midnight storm

    Gamer tags

    steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/Midnightstorm4 add me pls i need friends;-; and my skype:Midnight storm
  3. Midnight storm

    im back!

    i was gone....now im back
  4. Midnight storm

    Kiss the above you

    trys to kiss error but cant cus 404
  5. Midnight storm

    Random life stories.

    i got stoned and started watcing mlp also a couple days ago i droped my phone in cream
  6. Midnight storm

    Choose A or B

    cave Pegasus or unicorn?(or earth pony?)
  7. Midnight storm

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  8. Midnight storm

    Share Your Gamertags!

    anyone got battlefield 4?
  9. Midnight storm

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  10. Midnight storm

    Choose A or B

    arms dont need legs for gaming burrito or taco?
  11. Midnight storm

    Counting To 5,000 [Game]

  12. Midnight storm

    Choose A or B

    never tried them but snowboarding cod or battlefield?
  13. Midnight storm

    Yes or No

    3SPOOKY5ME dank memes?
  14. Midnight storm

    Count to...

  15. Midnight storm

    The Banned Game

    banned for using google and not internet explorer