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    sandpit arts

    my arts and wip, comments and pointers are welcomed
  2. Sandstreaker

    sandpit arts

    shes sad because she hasnt had much attention lately and im very sorry to my poor baby.
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    sandpit arts
  4. Sandstreaker

    sandpit arts

    the image source is straight from my pc so that's kinda hard to do atleast to my knowledge
  5. Sandstreaker

    So I Guess I'm a Brony Now...

    hello rex :3 its great to have you here, hope to see you a fair amount and your artwork too.
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    sandpit arts
  7. Sandstreaker

    sandpit arts

    I drew on the paper toke a picture and then uploaded it, that's a outlining of the program. I sketch before I find something im ok with, and sometimes make a choice when digilaizing it. though im still trying to figure out how to post a picture : P I have no idea how I did before.
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    Starting to make Radioplays. Help wanted.

    I would love to help lend my voice, I did some theater in college so I think that would benifet in voice acting
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    sandpit arts

  10. Sandstreaker

    hello everypony :3

    well, I should start off saying hello to everypony. this is kind of weird for me to actually be interested in something for longer then a few months. never thought id get so into this. I was first umm exposed to mlp years ago when I was in the army. one of the other soldiers in my unit is or at least was a brony. I never thought of it much until sixish months ago when one of my friends showed me snowdrop and it melted my heart. I have pretty much since then been a fan and recently a brony too. its got me drawing again, its given me inspiration that ive lost and i am very grateful. I have seen a lot of hate towards bronies and the mlp community. I don't let it stop me from being open about it, I do get teased time from time but I brush it off. every one is entitle to the views. im a us army veteran, mechanic, I own a muscle car. I have dared other people to tell me im not "manly" because I like mlp. I generally give I don't care what you think reply anyways. i know who I am and what I like, I don't have to explain myself to others. I have stickers on my tool cart openly showing im a mlp fan. I would defend any other bronies getting "picked on" in public luckily I haven't run across that. but I digress. im happy to be here to meet other bronies and pegasisters cant forget you ladies. have a fantastic day/night everypony. thank you for reading my words.