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  1. rainbowtashie


    Hello and thankyou ;3
  2. rainbowtashie


    Hey i will and thankyou very much!
  3. rainbowtashie


    Thankyou love your avatar :3
  4. rainbowtashie


    Thought i would actually join the EDQ forums been in the fandom since season 4 Been visiting EQD since then for reliable episode links I like chatting about pones and drawing them Has two kitties Love anything Nintendo Pokemon is neck a neck with ponies as my all time favourite thing So hii I guess :3 Dunno how much i'll be on but we'll see
  5. rainbowtashie

    your favrite n 64 game

    Pokemon stadium/pokemon stadium 2/ pokemon snap/ pokemon puzzle league (before puzzle games were EVERYWHERE)
  6. rainbowtashie

    What's your faviroute pokemon?

    I really wish it wasn't but its Pikachu. I've loved pokemon since i was 8 years old, and back then i was going through a faze where I loved yellow (I still do) and loved rodents (i still do) but yeah i'm ashamed but whatever. I know he's way overexposed but I can't help it. Second fave would be Nidoran male, which is what I usually say when people ask.
  7. I would personally like: More villagers More personalities added The ability to 'roomie' or have sleepovers with villagers new furniture Much more flexibility when customising your town More ways to earn bells More minigames when playing with friends Penalties for destructive players I'm sure there's much more I want but I'm brain dead right now
  8. rainbowtashie

    So does any pony play that iOS FiM game?

    Nope. Way too many microtransactions. Actually think the prices are awful for a game aimed at children.
  9. Hmm i don't think it's best but minish cap i have enjoyed the most, I haven't got to BOTW yet so i'd say windwaker is the best. (Unpopular opinion) i enjoyed spirit tracks and phantom hourglass As for spinoffs, were there really any? triforce heroes is meh, not a fan of hyrule warriors and didn't play four swords.
  10. rainbowtashie

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Currently playing pokemon quest (No idea how bad i'm doing on that but i refuse to pay any money) Skyward sword third dungeon Super Mario 3d land half of the coin stars
  11. rainbowtashie

    Opinions on let's go Pikachu/Eeevee

    Of course people are entitled to their opinion, but I think people are being way to hard on these games, Kanto isn't the only reigon, or even the best one (imo) but they are clearly designed to cater to the pokemon go players and ease them in to the core games, whilst hitting on our nostalgia strings. We have a spin off switch game which I am rather enjoying, and a confirmation of another game launching next year! Nintendo and the Pokemon company didn't have to do this! they are giving us something to play and look forward to even if it is a bit more casual, it will still be fun and the more pokemon fans the better! They could have given us nothing and said wait till next year, but they know how eager we are and they have been good to us. I personally can't wait for these games, and the pokemon go integration will be a bit more fun than just pressing A. Try to be less harsh and appreciate what we have! lets go pokefans!
  12. rainbowtashie

    Favourite 3D Mario game?

    I'm really enjoying 3d land though I'm late to the party, probably cause i suck at platformers and this is relatively easy.