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    A counting game...With a twist!

    32 Here comes a two digit number entered by a new user! Whoosh!!!
  2. Sloth Bird

    What if you could make your own MLP episode?

    I'd possibly go for an episode to reintroduce Tempest from the MLP Movie since the movie is canon at this point. She could possibly become friends with Starlight too Maybe even give a class to the school students about using weaknesses as strengths, but in a friendly way perhaps. I honestly don't know xD
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    Why hello there fellow bronies and pegasisters! It is I, Pastel Crayon! ...Otherwise known as Sloth Bird. Now that I'm all signed up, I thought I'd introduce myself! Yes. Hello! I was wondering why I hadn't visited Equestria Daily sooner! I Identify as: Female (She/Her Pronouns) Bisexual 13yo Introverted Some random pony who has no idea what they are doing I do have an OC! It may be a work in progress, ...aka a recolour of rainbow dash :\ but i'll get there! My OC is based from the creepypasta of Cupcakes. In a brief, quick summary - Pastel Crayon (my oc) is a victim of Pinkemena's Cupcakes Story. She has escaped many times to as much as Pinkemena having to upgrade her equipment so it doesn't happen again. Her dream is to fly and be best friends with Rainbow Dash (non-canon) (I do apologize about the lack of creativity in my OC's backstory, xD) OC: Pastel Crayon Female (She/Her Pronouns) Bisexual (wip age) Ambiverted...more introverted side though xD Some bad recolour pony who has no idea what they are doing because they have a backstory that fails at life YT: Sloth Bird ( I like to draw, although I may not be the best of it. And the computer, fast typer, know keyboard hotkeys/shortcuts, and have to help people in school because they don't know how the hay a computer works practically xD And... That's pretty much it. Anyway! If you actually bothered to read this, I thank you and congratulate you for even stepping up the courage to read this cringe! I'll go now! Cyer later!!