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  1. Ninja Fried Rice

    anyone playing === Tree of Savior

    I just started playing. I have a lvl 24 str Priest. Alice_Rem. My house name is Fizban
  2. Ninja Fried Rice

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    add me in Uplay (NinjaFriedRice)
  3. Ninja Fried Rice

    Halo 5 Legendary run

    I am looking for some fun peeps to complete a Legendary run in Halo 5.
  4. Ninja Fried Rice

    PSN Sharing Thread

  5. Ninja Fried Rice

    Share Your Gamertags!

    Tag : TALON NiNj4 Console : Xbox one/360
  6. Ninja Fried Rice

    Blade and Soul!!

    So is anyone on Yehara ?
  7. Ninja Fried Rice

    Blade and Soul!!

    My friend and I had to move over to Yehara (Nightmare Moon and Solar Flare) Are faction is the Crimson Legion
  8. Ninja Fried Rice

    Blade and Soul!!

    A friend and I are on Mushin server (good luck getting on that one) the name is Artemis Night.
  9. Ninja Fried Rice


  10. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

  11. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

    when you get in game just send me a tell "Nurse Redheart"
  12. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

    As soon as the login servers are back up I will send you an invite. P.S. ATM we don't have any open main raid slots but that does not mean you can't get in on raids. It's just not up to me.
  13. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

    Anyone who needs a guild post your in game name.
  14. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

    When the game came out EQD had one. The name was Space Ponies. Now Phobos is not a Pony guild but we have Brony members, I am one of them. Phobos is cool with the Bronies I even have a channel in mumble "Ponyville Hospital" Phobos is a guild made up of people 20-45 years old. If you need a guild we are all ways looking.
  15. Ninja Fried Rice

    Wildstar F2P

    Wildstar goes free to play on Sep 29. Some of us that were in the Space Ponies guild have been playing with a guild for the past year. "Phobos" If you are playing of are looking to start playing when F2P drops, replay or send a message in game. My character is "Nurse Redheart" We like helping people who want to learn the game.