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  1. Maggle

    Twilight Sparkle's size

    it actually struck me when she was standing next to glimmer at the end. she seemed taller there than in the intro (on the school bench, when they take the picture).
  2. Maggle

    Season 8, Episode 12: Marks for Effort

    the EEA surely is gonna be the end-of-season big villain. that'd be fun
  3. okay, i know twilight got significantly taller since she became an alicorn. but when i was re-watching "marks for efforts" looking for details i noticed she was significantly taller than any other pony. not as tall as cadance, Tia, luna or tempest but still, it kinda struck me how tall she got. has she always been like this or is it due to my short attention span and i somehow forgot she's a grown mare now?
  4. The Moon Rises. for the republic :3