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  1. Sloppy Steve

    Spike! Wings or Without?

    Oh gotcha, I guess I missed that you guys were actually talking about the petition, and that you were just talking about this thread haha. Sorry guys! (I still wouldn't say it's nearly as bad as the reaction to post-Alicorn Twilight though)
  2. Sloppy Steve

    Spike! Wings or Without?

    I don't know what all ya'll are talking about; none of the comments here are complaints, and all of the (five) votes so far are in favor of the wings. Hardly a 'meltdown' :@)
  3. Sloppy Steve

    Spike! Wings or Without?

    Spike needs the wings whether we like it or not, which is what I like about them; He's developing as a character, and that's the best way to show it physically. Besides, he's still pretty much the same lovable Spike compared to the two potentials for the character we saw in 'The Cutie Mark Chronicles' and 'Secret Of My Excess' ( in the latter case, I know Smolder pointed out the difference between 'greed-induced-embiggening, or whatever she called it, but it still illustrates my point )
  4. Sloppy Steve

    Hi there!

    Hi! Welcome to EqD! I can't give you a tour, because I'm new here myself. Great looking turtle you have there!
  5. Sloppy Steve

    Hey there!

    Hey Caesar, welcome to EqD! We're in the same boat, the two of us; I've been watching the show for three years now, and just made an account myself. It seems, as with many social interactions, that people have to warm up to you first or take a while to really notice you. Either that, or there simply aren't that many active users commenting or generating new content. In any case, hope you'll enjoy it here, I have been so far! What got you into the show? Who's your favorite pony? I got a little into what I see in the show in my Introduction post, but mainly, I was just bored! (My favorite Mane 6 are Twilight and Rarity)
  6. Sloppy Steve

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    Nice dude! #5 of Sonic should be out by now, so it sounds like you don't have too much catching up to do. Where are you getting your comics/trades from? There are several small comic shops in my city, and I have a pull-list at two of them (one for my mainstream stuff, one for my indie stuff). I sometimes keep my eye out for the original, Archie Comics Sonic series, but only because they ran a Streets of Rage back-up strip in some of the earlier issues, and it was written interestingly enough by Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar! Hopefully you find that issue, man! It always sucks when I displace one of mine (very easy to do, since every month I make new purchases that usually accumulate into several small piles all around my boxes that still need to be sorted).
  7. Sloppy Steve

    My Three Year Brony-versary

    Thanks @Bakaarion But honestly, the actual day I tried to celebrate ended up being something of a bust, because my internet was down so I couldn't watch the series premiere like I always do! Oh well!
  8. Sloppy Steve

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    IDW usually does well with licensed properties, it seems; their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is the longest running of any TMNT volume now. I love that they're doing stuff with Rocketeer (one of my all-time favorites) and they're making stories for us American fans of Judge Dredd. Lumberjanes sounds like something I could be interested in, but as with My Little Pony I'm a little too late on it now. Maybe I'll see if I can rent the first volume at my local library, as I've heard a lot of hype for it. I think it was optioned recently for a live-action treatment, like a TV show or movie, but I could be mistaken. So many comic books are being adapted now, it's just insane. Is there any comic-book related TV or movies you're watching? I try to catch all of the MCU films in theaters, but I'm hopelessly behind on any of DC's TV series ( I think I watched the first maybe six episodes of Arrow). I avoid the Fox X-men movies like the plague, because I'm just too much of a purist I think, and they really are awful.
  9. Sloppy Steve

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    @ABronyAccount I've never read Bone (it's so massive) but I've paged through it, and I definitely appreciate your sentiments in preferring the classic B&W to the colored edition. Watchmen is an absolute classic, so even with what little you have, it sounds like the start of a good collection. What are you reading digitally?
  10. Sloppy Steve

    Any Comic Collectors Here?

    As I mentioned in my introduction post, I'm a huge comic collector. I've always just kind of been into them, probably because my oldest brother collected them so he always had one on hand that I could read growing up. I didn't start seriously collecting until high school, and even though my brother mainly had Spider-man books, I got heavily into X-men; I suppose it's because there were more characters to be interested in, but I probably couldn't list all the reasons that I love them now. My collection is pretty impressive for a guy in his early-mid twenties. I have about thirty long-boxes (for those not in the know, they each fit about 300 bagged and boarded comics), and half of them are X-men related. I plan on going all the way back to the beginning with X-men #1 (1963), the first appearance of the team and Magneto. Right now, my collection of X-men Proper runs from #19-66, a spattering of the reprint issues, and Giant-Size/X-men #94- present day. I also have most of the spin-off titles, though with so much material published since the X-men debuted 55 years ago it's hard to keep track of sometimes! I have a lot of first-appearances and key issues in my collection, but by and far the most valuable would be X-men #94 (long-time writer Chris Claremont's first issue on the title), Giant-Size X-men #1 (first appearance Storm, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, and second appearance Wolverine), and New Mutants #98 (first appearance Deadpool). The remaining long boxes contain mostly DC comics; Batman/Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Justice League, etc. And current indie titles I'm pulling, like Scales and Scoundrels, Snot Girl, Paper Girls, etc etc. *(I'm also collecting the IDW My Little Pony series, naturally, but seeing as I was a little late to the game, it's the only thing I will allow myself to collect in trade)
  11. June 5th marked three years since I watched my first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I thought I'd finally make an account on here to join with others in the fandom and discuss pone! Anyways, I got into the show after having a couple friends of mine recommend it, and I was working at a mall at the time so I was constantly bombarded by merchandise. I started at the beginning with the series premiere, and was instantly hooked on the characters and impressed with how deep into lore the show got right away. Subsequently, and over the course of three months, I binged the rest of the series in time to catch up with the mid-season hiatus of Season 5, and I've been watching ever since. Apart from ponies, I'm a serious comic collector (primarily X-men, but tons of other stuff, too) I enjoy ping-pong, and I suck at making pixel art. I have a DeviantArt, where I upload mostly fan art under the name 8-bitBrony. (Also contrary to what my user name states, I am not at all sloppy (kind of the opposite, to be honest). It's a nickname some of my buddies wanted to try to make stick, a reference to Steve Bannon (but my name actually is Steve though so you can just call me that). I'm looking forward to being more active within the community!