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  1. Sloppy Steve

    Best Gift Ever Discussion

    10/10 great holiday special, I'm looking forward to watching it every year for Christmas! I think every pony had their moment(s), and the magical reindeer weren't as bad as I thought they were going to be.
  2. Sloppy Steve

    Ponyville Ciderfest

    Who here is going to Ponyville Ciderfest? I'm debating whether or not I want to go and get Kazumi Evans, Shannon Chan-Kent, and Rebecca Shoichet to sign my movie poster. Pros: After getting Tabitha's signature last year, I would have 4/7 of the Mane 6's voice actresses signatures I can enjoy roughly a day's worth of pony entertainment. Cons: I have to pay ~$100 for admittance and the aforementioned signatures. I will most likely be in attendance alone, as I have no IRL friends who are bronies, or even casually interested enough to attend to justify the price of admission. If anyone else were in the same position I am, maybe we could form a meet-up there!
  3. Hey everypony! Several months ago, my love of G4 started me down a path of collecting the old gen stuff (G1-3.5). I pretty much just indiscriminately bought any figures I saw, mostly from rummage sales, thrift stores, etc. and I'm wanting now to pare down my collection to what I've deemed essential. That having been said, here is first a list of the ponies I would like to add to my collection (12 in all): Gen 1 - Blue Belle (Collector Ponies) - Applejack (not picky here if I get a Year 2 or Year 3) - Posey (Year 3) - Sparkler (Year 3) - Surprise (Year 3) - Majesty - Fizzy - Shady Gen 3 - Rarity (not picky, but preferably not the 3D symbol) - Twilight Twinkle (not picky) - Fluttershy (not picky) - Rainbow Dash (not picky) Here is a list of ponies that I am willing to trade (54 in all). All are in roughly the same gently used condition. More detailed descriptions and photos will be provided upon request, because this is a ton of ponies. Gen 1 Baby Blossom Baby Cotton Candy Baby Firefly Baby Glory Baby Gusty Baby Moondancer Baby Shady Baby Stockings The Holiday Pony (Mail Order Exclusive) Blossom (25th Anniversary Re-release) Cherries Jubilee Confetti Dancing Butterflies (Twice as Fancy) Flower Bouquet (Merry-Go-Round) Flutterbye Flutterpony Honeysuckle (no wings) Flutterpony Lilly (no wings) Glory x2 Gusty Lemon Drop Mainsail Medley Moondancer Parasol Peachy Pinwheel Romper (tail spinning feature broken) Skydancer Sunbeam Sunlight Sweet Stuff Tootsie Windy Gen 2 Sundance Gen 3 Butterscotch Darling Dahlia Daybreak Forsythia Hidden Treasure Minty (IV?) Mittens Pinkie Pie McDonald's Happy Meal Rainbow Dash Royal Beauty Scootaloo McDonald's Happy Meal Star Swirl Summer Bloom Sunny Daze Sweet Sparkle Twinkle Twirl Gen 3.5 Cheerlie Pinkie Pie x3 McDonald's Happy Meal Rainbow Dash Sweetie Belle
  4. Hi @SSBBFan4please take this in the spirit it's given, and you can do whatever you'd like with my advice. I would say the answer to your question is: You can't, for a few reasons. 1) This is the easy one. Let's imagine the girls are under 18, as it's not really possible with an unfixed timeline to determine exactly how old they are. In the real world, you can't take chances. We call these questionably legal girls 'jail-bait' for a reason, my friend. 2)This is where I may be the one overthinking this, but I would say that if this issue is weighing heavily enough on your mind to create a forum discussion about it, then despite your comments to the contrary this may not be healthy for you to continue. Partly it depends on what exactly your 'relationship' with the girls looks like. Is it clopping, talking to or treating a plush/doll like a real person? If the answer is yes to any of the above, I think you may want to try at least taking a break from them while you reconsider this. (Also, just for curiosities sake: are you in an open relationship with all the Equestria Girls, or just one or two in particular?). Also, when you mention that you don't forsake real women, are you currently in a relationship? If so, ask yourself how this would sound to your significant other. If she would object, fiction is not worth losing flesh-and-blood for. If she knows and is fine with it, then carry on. Maybe you could talk her into some role-play. If you aren't in a relationship, consider if maybe there are subconscious or subtle ways that this could be impacting/influencing your real-life relationships. Maybe you're not trying hard enough because you're content with the waifus, or maybe you feel like you'll never find a real girl as great as your waifu. In summation; the colorful ponies and their human counterparts are a fun diversion from the burdens of daily living, but they aren't something ultimate. In general, we- myself included- could all fix our eyes on something greater. If this didn't help at all, disregard. But I hope you find the answers to your deeper questions. God bless, man!
  5. Sloppy Steve

    hello I'm new to this site

    @PretendPrawn262, sounds look you joined just before I did; I started catching up on the series during the Season 5 hiatus. And yeah, I always thought (and still do, tbh) that bronies are strange. The only thing I'm not agreeing with you on is the musical numbers. I guess in this regard you're more Rainbow Dash a la 'Rarity Takes Manhattan', and I'm more Rarity.
  6. Sloppy Steve

    Season 8, Episode 16: Friendship University

    Just had to rewatch that specific scene; agreed, very adorable. That's why Twilight is my favorite pony :')
  7. Sloppy Steve

    Season 8, Episode 16: Friendship University

    What 'mhm' are you referring to? I love the cute and quirky, blink-and-you-miss-them character moments, and I must have missed that one. Anyways, it's just always interesting seeing what small moments others liked. The Twilight one I took away from this was her response to Flim and Flam asking if she thought her disguise would fool anybody; Perfectly adorable, exasperated expression, and a great 'No' to go along with it <3
  8. Sloppy Steve


    I'm from Wisconsin (Milwaukee, specifically) and we're pretty spoiled here with tons of good custard stands. Since most people want something salty to go with their sweet (or a little 'main course' before the 'dessert') most of them serve burgers too, and the place that has the best is Kopp's. If you ever find yourself for whatever reason in town, going there is an absolute must. But if we're speaking strictly of (inter)national franchises, than who am I to judge? In my opinion, Wendy's > Burger King > McDonald's.
  9. Sloppy Steve

    Hi, I'm new here! ^w^

    Welcome to EqD's forums. You'll find that apart from introductions, not much goes on here, really. But it's a nice place for fellow pony-lovers to know there are others like them!
  10. My guess is it'll be something like this, to clean the slate for G5!
  11. Sloppy Steve

    hello I'm new to this site

    Agreed. That is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time ;3; Anyways, welcome to EqD, @PretendPrawn262! Hope you enjoy your stay here. How long have you been a fan of colorful pones?
  12. Sloppy Steve

    I have Arrived

    I don't dream about ponies often, but when I do, they're almost always about Scootaloo for some reason. She's not even my favorite pony. I guess it must mean something subconsciously. Anyways, welcome to EqD! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here!
  13. Sloppy Steve

    Hello there!

    Sorry to hear that. It's unfortunate to lose anything to circumstances like that, even some old plastic ponies. I certainly understand about running out of room; I collect comic books, and I have about 30 longs boxes (they each fit about 300 comics) and my collection will only continue to grow until I just decide I've had enough of it all and sell them!
  14. Sloppy Steve

    Hello there!

    G1 MLP has been interesting; I've developed a casual interest in it since I've been a fan of G4. Although I enjoy 'My Little Pony and Friends' for the cute and innocent cartoon that it is, I think I may enjoy 'My Little Pony Tales' a little better, as tonally I find it closer to FiM. Did you collect the figures as a kid, and if so, do you still? I've been buying G1s and G3s as I see them (at rummages, antique stores, etc.) but there are a few that I'd love to have in my collection still. Mainly, they're the ponies that Lauren Faust said inspired characters from FiM, but I'd also love a Fizzy. I just like her aesthetic, and she has a pretty cute and doofy personality in the show.