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  1. Trip_Away

    Hi everypony

    (Sorry,my english is a little broken because is not my native languaje) Hey there. Im Trip Away (Is the name of my OC) and i register in the forum today. Im 20 years old and im studing laws. My hobbies are play videogames,my favorite videogames are oldies and prototype/beta releases. I like smash, pokemon, earthbound/mother, portal, TF2, plague inc, Isaac and others videogames. Also,i like search unused/cut content. Other hobby is collect funko pop figures. Now,i only had 8 (plus 3 MLP funko pocket) but im expanding my colecction. I speak spanish as native languaje,but i speak english too. So,thats all of me. PS: This is my plushie,was featured in a EQD post.