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    The sound..

    Prologue Ponyville 2017 Amyest Heart was helping her majestic, colloquial flowers. They were called flower gems after her her late mother, Goldy Heart. Goldy was a scientist and so was her husband, Reggie Heart, but that can wait for another time. She knew she was right to do this keeping their memory. They read: "In memory of Mrs Goldy and Mr Reggie Heart." Amyest's siblings,the eldest falling, to speak to the flowers. Sadly, the flowers were gone. "Ohh shoot!" Diamond (the eldest sister) stomping her hoof. "Ha ha!' they laughed. If only they heard.... Chapter 1 Ponyville 2018 "Hi everypony and thank you for coming. I am princess Amyest Heart and daughter of the late Goldy and Reggie Heart. Today,the 23rd of June marks 8 years of their death" Amyest inhaled. "They never forgot who they were. Knighthood was on its way but, they were dead. Killed by a manticore." Sniffs filled the air as the sound happened again... To be continued......
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    The sound..

    Ok so not done chapter 1 fully but I will finish it off
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    The sound..rp

    My first time doing rp on here! Amyest Heart: Where did I put it? I know it is in here! *Looks frantically around lifting things up to look under them* Amyest Heart: Fine....*sighs*
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    35th Anniversary Collector Ponies

  5. Your work is awesome! Love it!