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    Need help picking computer parts

    You could probably swap out the case with something much cheaper, aside from that it looks decent.
  2. RadioactiveNuke

    Need help picking computer parts

    Do you have a maximum price limit in mind?
  3. RadioactiveNuke

    I'm your only server mod now <3

    Not necessarily. I asked how to be a mod back in ye olde days of PF2 and ended up getting it. If you're a reasonably known member of the community and express interest in it, it would do more harm not at least inquiring in my opinion. It's like wanting to apply for a job but being too afraid to give them your résumé.
  4. RadioactiveNuke

    lmaobox down

    Looks like a few people will be on a little VACation.
  5. RadioactiveNuke

    Humble Pony Bundle So Humble Bundle has a bunch of the pony comics in a bundle. I'm thinking about getting it but not sure how much I can pay right now.
  6. RadioactiveNuke

    Giving Away Beta Pass(es)

    I'll be using this thread to periodically give away beta passes. I'll be giving them away on a first come first serve basis for those that post here. Please put a steam profile link in your post. Note: as of now I have one reserve pass for a friend and one to give away. I'll be updating this as I get more.
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    Best Names of the Internet 2: Bester Names

    You called?
  8. RadioactiveNuke

    MLP Heroes Reborn

    For me it was largely a lack of experience, and I think for Quaaraq it might've been not having someone to work with him, but I can't say for sure.
  9. RadioactiveNuke

    MLP Heroes Reborn

    Unfortunately the project ended up being abandoned not long after we started. I don't know if Quaaraq has done anything since then but I might be able to take another look at it since I actually know some coding now.
  10. RadioactiveNuke

    Giving Away Beta Pass(es)

  11. For those that don't know how trading up works, if you trade up 10 strange items, the result will be strange. This can be used to trade up and get stranges from the "normal" collections. Also, the quality is based on the average quality of the weapons used. For example, 10 factory new will give a factory new weapon, while 5 factory new and 5 battle scarred will give a field tested.
  12. I just read a post on the tf2 subreddit and someone did the math on getting a perfect strange FN High Roller rocket launcher, and it came out to be roughly $70 million to craft it. Edit: perfect as in all the rare stickers and all that stuff.
  13. RadioactiveNuke

    Fallout Equestria vidya gaem is live

    My dream of Fallout horses has come true.
  14. RadioactiveNuke

    More Obscure TF2 Mechanics

    The Battle Cry voice command plays special lines when you're aiming at someone else on your team. It can be used for spy checking since the lines don't trigger when aiming at an enemy, even if they're disguised.
  15. RadioactiveNuke

    PSA: Major Source Engine Exploit Recently someone found an issue with all versions of the Source engine going as far back as 2003. The exploit allows a server to download any DLL file to your computer and potentially cause issues. Currently it's safest to stick to Valve servers. Be careful what you join.
  16. RadioactiveNuke

    Anyone willing to color a picture for me? I can compensate.

    I'm a little tempted to try as I don't draw very much, but I like to. I can do it in a day or so but can't make any promise as for quality. If you're interested just poke me on steam.
  17. Could do something like a Spike flamethrower that shoots green fire. Also it'd be cool if there was an animation of killed enemies vaporizing in the fire like a scroll would.
  18. RadioactiveNuke

    The Christmas Swag Thread

    The highlights for me were a bunch of Star Wars stuff, an iPad Air 2, and a G700 mouse to replace my 4 year old G500. It was as close to being dead as you can get without being dead.
  19. RadioactiveNuke

    Steam Winter Sale Recommendations

    I recommend picking up Knights of Pen and Paper 2. It's a good tabletop RPG style game.
  20. RadioactiveNuke

    Steam Winter Sale Recommendations

    This may sound dumb, but should I pick up the Witcher series? I got the original in a sale a few years ago but never played it. Heard a lot about the games but never got into them. Is it worth it?
  21. RadioactiveNuke

    Steam Winter Sale Recommendations

    New games don't go on sale for a while, so don't expect any discounts on Fallout 4, Rainbow Six Siege, or Battlefront anytime soon.
  22. RadioactiveNuke

    They're Taking His Central Nervous System, FiG

    I am my own waifu.
  23. RadioactiveNuke

    The Road to Overreactions - Miscommunication?

    As someone who has tested certain skins, I can say 100% for certain they are pay to win. I mean, who doesn't love Sneaky Bastard/Low Blow aced with heavy ballistic vests and stealth concealment skins?