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  1. EctoMaster

    World of Warcraft

    Yes. Mainly Horde, though i do have a couple of high level Alliance (1 at 100).
  2. EctoMaster

    World of Warcraft

    Well now! let's see if my post stays this time XD I am a major WoW player. been playing since it started (but did not get the statue due to a technicality, boo.) If you would like to add me as a friend on i am EctoMaster#1956
  3. EctoMaster


    Doing pretty well! Sorry for the late reply, was rather busy after I posted XD and then work came along and ruined all the fun i was having Why thank you! was commissioned and based off of another commission of me XD I am indeed! So much so that I even named my YouTube channel after it though not a big fan of whatever it is that Sony seems to be doing with the franchise at the moment. I'm pretty good! Got one more day of work and then off for my weekend! Howdy! Salutations!
  4. EctoMaster


    Good morning everypony! I am EctoMaster! How is everyone doing today?