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  1. Nexas

    Wildstar F2P

    Ok I made a new character called Trixie Lulamooon (three o's) on Entity I send a friend to you
  2. Nexas

    Wildstar F2P

    Yeah im on the other one :/
  3. Nexas

    Wildstar F2P

    What realm are you on PVP or PVE?
  4. Nexas

    Wildstar F2P

    Ok my characters name is Nexas Frostwick
  5. Nexas

    Minecraft Mineplex

    It's one of the most popular servers, Surprised you don't know about it
  6. Nexas

    Minecraft Mineplex

    Yup all the time that and hypixle
  7. Nexas

    Yes or No

    yes who wouldn't
  8. Nexas

    CS:GO Competitive Games.

    Yo I added you on steam friend me back
  9. Nexas

    Wildstar F2P

    I would love to join! ^_^ I have a deluxe account and played a lot at launch, but at one point it lagged out my computer so I stopped playing but I have a better computer now and I cant wait for FTP