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  1. palandrose

    Battletech kickstarter

    Long live FASA!!
  2. palandrose

    Wildstar F2P

    if you are on Warhound PVP server there is the New Luna Republic guild. it is an exile guild. hit up my main character Palandrose Endgame and ill add you to the guild.
  3. palandrose

    BF4: one more chance

    i play on pc and ps4 alot. so ill join.
  4. palandrose

    First Day of Fall HYPE!!

    lolz i handle the weather with a thermal under shirt, a flannel a wool lined jacked and then a duster for wind protection. oh dropping into negative teens? i have this covered.
  5. palandrose

    What makes you smile or cringe in other games?

    When your playing fallout 3 and you go to the super duper mart and oh hai super mutant behemoth how you doin? Always makes me giggle cringe, then run away in sheer terror.
  6. palandrose

    Gamer tags

    Steam: Origin: Palandrose PSN: Palandrose
  7. i hate being snuggled to death by a pinkie pound in My Little Killing Floor 2. 

  8. palandrose

    The Banned Game

    Banned for having a cute avatar and adorable user name.
  9. palandrose

    Video Game Movies are Good.... Right?

    No, its a thing and i don't even know why.
  10. palandrose

    Video Game Movies are Good.... Right?

    I loved the Resident Evil movies. I believe that it was a great way to show an alternate universe then the one Capcom gave us. To be honest i never played much of the actual RE games due to the clunky controls and camera angles. But i can see how many die hard fans would and with respect should have an issue with it. However the movies in there own rights by theme selves or taken as a alternate time line/ universe are decent.
  11. palandrose

    Video Game Movies are Good.... Right?

    Scott Pilgrim was one of the best comic to movie adaptations i have ever seen. Wreck-it Ralph i think might be in a grey area. It is both a movie based on a video game yet not.
  12. palandrose

    First Day of Fall HYPE!!

    I love fall. The leaves turn gorgeous shades and jumping into leaf piles is always a blast. However i prefer winter. Nothing better then going on walks in the snow. Call me weird and crazy, but i love shoveling snow from walk ways and drive's. Best upper body work out ever plus i can make a good amount of money at the same time.
  13. palandrose

    My Littile Killing Floor

    yea i know but if you think about it the Hyprion creations are more mutants then actual zombies. for starters there clones, follow up by all the augmentations to theme. this is just my opinion and i see why its easier to just call them zeds.
  14. palandrose

    Gone but not forgotten.

    chips challenge was the bast back in grade school.
  15. palandrose

    Gone but not forgotten.

    Skies of Arcadia. i wish Overworks would bring out a sequel but i doubt it will ever happen.