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  1. Five Iron

    Avatars are now squares! Tell us your thoughts!

    Ooooooh. You've redecorated. I don't like it. I miss the round things. (I don't really care, simply couldn't resist the joke.)
  2. Five Iron

    MVM list

    Aside from regular tf2 I really enjoy playing MVM. If you do as well, please go ahead and add me on steam if we're not already friends there. Reworking my lists, compiling those who play into one convenient location.
  3. Caffeine acquisition imminent...

  4. Five Iron

    If you threw it through the mirror...

    Gummy becomes a pretentious youtuber who posts videos about "what is life?" while trying to sell tshirts with his logo on them. If you throw Filthy Rich through the mirror...
  5. Five Iron

    Hey, it's The Power!

    Nep wins. #TilAllAreOne
  6. Five Iron


    Today is not Tuesday.
  7. Five Iron

    Plugin Suggestions

    Is be in favor of a subtitle watermark in the corner that simply said ""
  8. Five Iron

    Pony Names

    im afraid I'd have to cast a vote in the 'no thanks' column for this one.