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  1. Smugleaf's Smug Art Thread!

    Day 2- AKA: Am I even trying?
  2. EQD Artist Training Grounds 2017

    Day 2: Am I even trying at this point?
  3. EQD Artist Training Grounds 2017

    I mean they wanted a pone standing. pone is "standing" i'm a simple man.
  4. Smugleaf's Smug Art Thread!

    So im doing the artist training ground cuz REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  5. EQD Artist Training Grounds 2017

    So i did a thing for a thing. Do i regret it? Maybe.
  6. Smugleaf's Smug Art Thread!

    I welcome you from my dankest hole. Its been a while since anyone has graced my humble home. But now lets get down to the brass tax, I've been feeling good to draw again for a few days now and i was thinking to pick it back up again. I have a few links of some "new" stuff. I may take a few requests just like the old days, tho mostly gonna be Sketch/Traditional or head shots. If i'm feeling good and nice i may give it a digital touch. Bonus: If I've done you a Request from a realllly long time ago, I can give it a redo. Just link me which one. Find me on: DA ,Twitter, Steam, And Discord: WildfireTheSmug#7281 Examples: A few head shots and a snivy I did this one tonight! Pixel Bite Pent Pony Pent and a Khonjin Wild and the night In the dead of night I G N I T E I G N I T E (without the b/g)
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    Yummy Fruit by the Foot!
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    That's across the us. no thx ill stick to babscon this year
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    Don't i look so kawaii?
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    Out comes Rowlet. I put in a tin of Altoids mints