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    Name:Curious Wave Race:Changeling Gender:Male Age:2.000 Personality:Funny,Curious,Smart,Athletic,Theorist Backstory:A lost changeling after the canterlot wedding disaster,after surviving the woods without his wings and "magic" working he found Zecora that after realizing that he was a changeling she could see the clear soul that he have so decided that she would help him,after some strange potions he could fly an use the magic to disguise as a pony and live a hidden and normal life.But he found the Doctor Whooves and a derp pony while exploring the mountains he entered the TARDIS and when the Doctor was back he found him and let him stay with him for a while,after 3 weeks Curious needed to go Home but the Doctor gave him a TARDIS key and a sonic schrewdriver and Derpy gave him lots of muffins.Curious,Doctor and Derpy had adventures together and the doctor gave him a identification to disguise as a wonderbolt Picture: i dunno how to draw but i made in pony creator ;-;